Food For Thought


What would your body do as a reaction to your thoughts?

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8 Responses to Food For Thought

  1. bandhnabajaj says:

    That’s true..! There was a study on how water molecules reacted to different “emotions” in Japan. Pretty interesting!

  2. poohbauer says:

    This is so true. I hate it when people don’t believe me when i say it. A negative mindset, pessimistic life style, constant hateful nature, and etc. I mean it’s almost as if people don’t see the difference between their health when they’re happy and when they’re sad. Of course it doesn’t mean you have to be happy at all times (if you can great!) but wallowing in negativity deteriorates the mind as well as the body. It’s extremely sad because some people just can’t climb out of the pit . So even when you’re physically sick, a bit of a emotional boost can help in the recovery process. I like the picture haha

  3. Whatever feeling I may experience, my body just tag along. Happy thoughts, happy body and when I feel crap my body usually responds with aches and pain 😦

  4. Don’t just do something, be happy

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