Thoughts At The Supermarket

I was going to share some of my day with you from yesterday today, but I came across this article on my morning browse over a cup of coffee (iced of course, when in Greece..) and decided this is so much more important.

I have thought these thoughts so many times when going to the local supermarket on Sundays for my weekly shop. The 2 litre bottles of soft drinks and the half a kilo chocolate bars are being pumped on the end of the isles, with promises of happiness, consert tickets, winnning a trip to paradise and meeting your footy hero. And at the checkout you will find even more sugar PLUS (and this is the big plus) all the magazines you need to deal with it all. I have described my love for magazines to you earlier, and this is no better. All the magazines you can buy to help you deal with not having the dream body, how to deal with being overweight, how to deal with living with diabetes and everything a magazine can help you with. Most of all it can buy you less guilt. At least you’re reading about how to eat to lose 10 kilos, while you shuffle theat chocolate bar down your throat. Guilt less!


Who hasn’t been watching The Biggest Loser while eating a bowl of ice cream??

I would highly encourage you to read this article The World Is Fucking Insane.  And then leave your thoughts with me in a comment below! I do agree that this world is fucking insane, and it is about time that governments around the world stop thinking about money and start thinking about what is best for the people. And in the end of the day, world obesity is probably costing us more than anyone is gaining from hiding the thruth about sugar and keep pumping sugar out to the masses. The world needs to change and that needs to happen very soon!

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20 Responses to Thoughts At The Supermarket

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    the real problem is, although obesity is cost countries a fortune, it is also making large corporations vast amounts of money. The diet industry is worth billions and all they do is perpetuate unhealthy eating habits and push sugary “diet” food onto people which causes simultaneous sugar addiction and starvation level calories which means when the diet leaved you starving you turn to chocolate, and more chocolate and then back to the “diet” companies for more of the same! As long as people will pay again and again the the industry will remain even though it is making everything worse.
    I found that in a supermarket, you can buy 3 days worth of “diet” ready meals (or even no diet ones) all processed and full of chemicals for less than the price of 2 ethically produced chicken breasts. there is no wonder people are buying crap when crap is always on 2 for 1 offer or some such thing.
    This is one of my pet annoyances at the moment!

    • I know, there are far too many connection with producers, governements, suppliers etc that are making some lucky few a very decent amount of money and they will never change!

  2. tallmartha says:

    It makes me angry and scared at the same time. I really don’t know if people care enough (as a whole) to make that change.

  3. It really is insanity. The magazine companies must have stock in the candy companies and vice versa. They seem to have a vested interested in promoting the cures to the problems brought on by buying too much of one or the other.
    I think what we really need is education of what good food really is, why we crave the things which are worst for us, and the complex ways food changes our body by affecting our hormone levels, metabolism and increasing or supressing our appetites. It is going to be a slow climb away from over consumption of over the top foods.

    • Education is very much needed! Spread the word to the masses! That’s my goal; to inspire and educate more people to make better choices for a healthier and happier life 🙂 Help me by sharing my blog 🙂

  4. LucyJartz says:

    I am brown bagging salad and fruit and a sandwich to my new (post degree) job. I use the stairs too. In college I kept complaining there wasn’t enough good food in town for me to keep my weight. Life is less stressful. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Always a pleasure 🙂 Keep brown bagging, it will save your health and your money 🙂

      • LucyJartz says:

        The salad was a bit wilty by lunch, I guess some veggies don’t react to each other well when the juices mix all morning in the fridge. The fruit was delicious. The turkey cranberry salad sandwich was good but I’m sure the mayonnaise binder might add too many calories if used too often. The nut mix went well with the salad and the sandwich, and likely would have also complemented the salad (if I had just made it).

        I am learning by trial and error.

  5. katyhancock says:

    That article had it completely right. My super market doesn’t look quite as bad as that, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t incredibly easy for overweight people to feed their habit of unhealthy eating

  6. I couldn’t agree more with this. And yes, the world is ……insane. This is so timely, my husband and I were having this conversation last night, I thought for a wee while on starting another blog on exactly this subject. We are raising generations of children on non-food, surely to god we owe our future beings a better world than where it’s heading. I really do fear where we are going if we think this is ok. I wouldn’t even feed my dog this stuff.

  7. Reblogged this on quarteracrelifestyle and commented:
    This original article linked through this worthy post is so worth a look. It’s just crazy – non-food food.

  8. I never looked at the checkout magazines quite like that, but how right you are. I will have a smile each time i see them now.

  9. Miss Wynter says:

    I, too would really like to go back to the days before processing food became popular. It makes me sick to read half the shit they put in everyday foods. Just because our lives have become more fast pace, I dont want my nutrition to suffer. I spend 3hrs grocery shopping now because I have to read labels. I dont want to sound lazy, but it shouldnt have to be like that. Money rules everything. Why go wholesome for the masses when that doesnt make me billions. Even eating fruits and veggies can be bad, because its covered in gross pesticides. I hate the American grocery shopping experience.

  10. Alex says:

    Nice. I concur!

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