Love The Feeling Of Waking Up In Norway

I have loved every little bit of being in Crete and meeting so many of my boyfriend’s family and seen all the beautiful beaches, gorges, eaten so much delicious food and gotten a beautiful tan. But there’s is something special about coming back to Norway. It’s actually my second trip this year, but the last one was very white and cold and different to now. It’s green, blue skies, fresh air and just gorgeous. Nothing beats the peace and quiet of the country side and the mountains of Norway. If you are looking for somewhere to meditate and to ‘find yourself’, go to Norway and go hiking in the mountains (maybe not on the most popular routes in July to mid-August, you might end up walking in line), it’s the most peaceful place on earth (says I, the non-biased Norwegian who loves coming back again and again). Don’t just take my word for it though, just put it on your bucket list (before or after Crete or maybe even on the same trip) and just do it.

Be aware though, it’s a very long and diverse country, so many places to see and so many places to go. Right now I am in Vågå in Oppland, where I am from. One word to describe the nature and surroundings; Beautiful. We did of course take a few pictures yesterday when going for a little (dusty) drive (seriously, the car is not very sparkly anymore, just a little grey and covered). Have a look (not at the car, photos from the drive);

IMG_5888 IMG_5937 IMG_5890 IMG_5867 IMG_5874 IMG_5940 IMG_5928 IMG_5925 IMG_5871


As you can see it was at least 20 degrees yesterday, only about 10 degrees less then we were used to 🙂

The climate here is a little better when it comes to exercise and moving. You don’t die of overheating just because you want to go for a jog, which is good. Didn’t actually jog yesterday, just went for a walk with the dog and played soccer with the dog (she loves it!), but today I feel like I need to move a little more. We are thinking of going for a hike this week as well, somewhere in Jotunheimen. We’ll see where the days brings us. When on holidays, no need to plan too much (I know a lot of people do, but I am not a big fan of having each and every day planned out before they happen, to stressful when on holidays!).

But it is Monday today, and no better day than Monday to start a new habit (just one though, don’t start a million new habits in one day, that’s just setting yourself up for failure!!). Set a little goal for yourself this week, make sure it’s SMART and something you actually want to do, not something you feel like you should be doing. I tend do not drink enough water when I am at home visiting, because I end up just drinking coffee instead, so my mini goal for this week is to drink more water. What’s yours?

Time to hit ‘downtown’ Vågå (not a massive city centre, but one shopping strip with at least four supermarkets!) and see if I can manage to bump into someone I know! Shouldn’t be too hard!

Have a fabulous Monday 🙂 My something will have to be a run later this afternoon, somewhere along that lake above. Fresh, crisp and beautiful 🙂

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18 Responses to Love The Feeling Of Waking Up In Norway

  1. cavegirlmba says:

    You sound very happy, back in the refreshing North… 😉

  2. Seenorway says:

    I was advised by one of my American viewers to drop in on you 🙂 and since there might be people on this thread not understanding Norwegian, I’ll stick to this lingo. It semms you are sharing my idea of making Norway better known throughout the US, so perhaps we might do something together?
    Please check out and activate the ‘INDEX’-file.

  3. Seenorway says:

    ‘Uh, ‘semms’ – what am I doing here? ‘Seems’ of course, but I can’t correct it. You may, however?
    Forgot to inform you that you’ll find more than 2000 ‘full screen photos’ waiting for you on my blog, but unfortunately not too many from Vågå.

  4. 11315miles says:

    Photos are great!

  5. foreverfascinatedkc says:

    Looks absolutely beautiful! New addition to my travel bucket list! Have fun 🙂

  6. Wow – looks so pristine and fresh!

  7. Love Norway! Can’t wait to go back!

  8. Oh yes! you’re in Norway, I totally agree it’s the most peaceful country I have ever been in, and the people are even nicer than the Swedes (dare I say). Have fun!!

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