The Geiranger Fjord & Trollstigen Day Out

My parents wanted to take us out for a drive yesterday and to one of Norway’s most beautiful roads and fjords. Geiranger basically shuts down in winter and only one of the two roads are open for access (and there might be like hundred people living there at that time), but in summer the place is buzzing with tourists, cafes and souvenir shops due to the masses of cruise ships that are stopping by in the busy summer months. This time of the year is in the end of the season, so it was pretty quiet, but still breathtakingly beautiful.

We drove from Vågå and down Trollstigen, which is a little adventure on it’s own. The road goes downhill about 10% and there is plenty of hairpin turns along they way (I got no idea how many, I was too busy getting us down safely). It’s hard driving and enjoying the amazing view and taking pictures at the same time, so we had plenty of stops along the way. Again, no picture will be able to justify how beautiful the landscape is, but have a look and see if you might be tempted to go and see it yourself.

IMG_6477 IMG_6493 IMG_6496 IMG_6534 IMG_6547 IMG_6552 IMG_6554 IMG_6565IMG_6597More on Geiranger and Trollstigen here. You can rent bikes and cycle up Trollstigen, that would be an amazing Something Every Day! Or rent a kayak and go sea kayaking?! There’s plenty of things to do!

After sitting on my butt for hours and hours in the car (and having this years first and only(??) soft serve ice cream for lunch) I needed to move when we got home. And that needed to happen before I sat down in a chair, because then I think I would’ve still sat there! The dog was super happy to see us after looking after the house all day, so she wasn’t hard to ask to go for a walk (walk means finding the first sticks she sees and putting it in front of our feet hoping we’ll throw it and then running like a maniac every time we do so) and a swim (same thing applies here, swimming like crazy to get that stick!) and that made it easy to go for an hour long power walk (with a few running stints too, gotta compete with the dog). Felt so much better afterwards and even managed to pick a bunch of ‘flowers’ for mum (mostly berries and leaves, but it still looks pretty)!

Today I AM going for a run! Need to get my heart rate up a little more! Maybe I’ll call an old friend and invite her out for a interval session. Much needed (although I did put a pair of jeans on today that I haven’t morn since we left and they still fit! Moving a little every day seems to pay off, even when indulging a little extra on holidays)!

We are looking for flights to Spain, anyone got a good suggestion where to go and what to see? Somewhere with sun and sea preferably… Need to work on this fading tan before going back to Melbourne. Rumours has it summer is on it’s way there as well 🙂 Good times ahead!

Who has started to plan a trip to Norway yet? I think I should contact Visit Norway and get them to sponsor me, because this is pure Norway marketing. But how can I not? It must be the most beautiful country in the world (with the most beautiful women according to a Greek taxi driver..) so it should be on everyones travel list.

Enjoy your Tuesday where ever you are in this big world that appears to become smaller every day. Make sure you do something today that will benefit you tomorrow and enjoy every minute of it. You only live once (not in a YOLO kind of way, more like a Carpe Diem kind of way) so make the most of it. Peace out!

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7 Responses to The Geiranger Fjord & Trollstigen Day Out

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    Oh! I have been there!! It is beautiful! I loved it when I went but that was 21 years ago (eeek) I went after I finished my GSCEs with a friend of mine whose mum is Norwegian so we got to stay in her family home in Moss and visit friends who had a cabin in the mountains and we went there!! I have some of the same photos, if I could only find them!!
    Is it true that Trollstigen translates to Troll Staricase?
    We had such a great time, I got to swim in fjords and ice cold rivers full of glacier water! Oh…now I want to go back!

  2. Thank you for this lovely tour. I am enjoying armchair traveling along with you. It really is beautiful there, and someday I would love to visit Norway.

  3. jordie says:

    love that cow picture

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