How To Survive A Wedding Dinner!

I went to another fantastic wedding Saturday, the actual reason for this massive trip to Europe and it turned out to be a fantastic day! The weather was great, the people were happy and the bride looked amazing! Oh, and the food was fantastic too!! Really can’t complain!

I know many people who worry about big events like this, not just because they need to fit into THAT dress and look amazing, but they also want to be able to relax in that little black dress and be able to enjoy the day too. Not always an easy combination. The worst thing is wearing a dress that is just a little too tight and you can’t even sit at the table for more than twenty minutes before your intestines are arguing your choice (and this is probably not good for your digestion, just like wearing really, really tight jeans would stuff something up) and you have to get up to stretch. And after the starters you don’t have a chance to eat any of the main, because it’s just not any space for it. My choice would be something a little more comfortable (always) or just make sure that you actually FIT into that little dress, and not just squeeze into it, just because you want to.

But better even, make sure you wear something you can have fun in and actually eat and enjoy the wedding dinner and the drinks that comes with. No one says you have to finish every course or every glass of wine, but why sit there like a sour little cherry and refuse to eat anything, just because you’re on a diet (why are you on a diet anyway, they make you into an even more sour cherry and they don’t even work!)? It’s a wedding, you’re been invited because the bride or the groom or both of them love you and want to share the best day of their lives with you, and it’s meant to be a happy day. You’re meant to be happy, to eat, drink and be merry.

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What am I trying to say (I’m discussing politics, elections, jail sentences in other countries and the rise of Africa while I am typing this, so it’s a little staccato) is that on special occasions like weddings, it’s ok not to worry about carbs, calories, fat or whatever it is you are worrying about any other day of the year. Yes, it’s probably not super good for you to eat sugary desserts (every day) and it’s probably not great to drink three glasses of wine with dinner (every night (and who can keep count when they keep refilling your glass all the time anyway??)) and I would agree that it’s not a good idea to have cake a midnight (several days a week), but this is a special occasion. I am sure you have heard about the 20/80 rule? If you’re good 80% of the time, then you can relax the last 20% of the time (the good old Pareto principle). Just make sure that those 20% don’t slowly creep up to be 80%. Because I am pretty sure if you are only good 20% of the time and do whatever you want the last 80% of the time, you will not be super healthy in the end of it. I am sure 90/10 would still be ok, maybe even 30/70. 40/60 might be struggling and 50/50 is pure gambling (I am just making these statistics up, so don’t listen to me).

But hey, just chill out a little on the special days of your life. Because life is so much more than diets, carbs, calorie counts, interval sessions and sweaty spin sessions. It’s about enjoying every day to the fullest, spending time with your loved ones and make every day count. Especially the big days. Yes, eating fairy bread for breakfast on a Sunday morning is probably not the best for your metabolism, but the look on that little girl’s face when you come to her first birthday is priceless. Have one piece and then run around with the kids afterwards. Because those are the things that really matter. The people you love, the smiles and the laughter that you surround yourself with. That’s what really matters (even if you weight a kilo or two more than you ideally should and that you didn’t run 10km this morning).

Be happy with who you are, be healthy in the body you’ve got and enjoy every day to the fullest (am I repeating myself here? Maybe that’s a good thing, because some people need to be spoon fed)! And for those special days and wedding dinners, enjoy them and cherish them, these are the days we will always remember.

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3 Responses to How To Survive A Wedding Dinner!

  1. poohbauer says:

    Oh god. Cheat days are a must! haha and when it comes to weddings, you gotta make an exception and take that cheat day. I’m sure it’s great to look good at weddings but at what cost? As you said, you’ve been invited as a guest to enjoy the festivities and be festive in celebrating the joining of two friends. Have fun! Enjoy the wedding! Leave the uncomfortable dress/suit for when it’s your wedding haha

  2. sugarfreelee says:

    Such a great philosophy and such cute shoes!!

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