What To Do When You Have Terrible Wifi?



May I suggest rocking out with this dude makes your day a lot better?!

I’m in Barcelona and loving it! Been staying at a place with less than average working wifi for the last few days, now hopefully this new place will be better. But who’s got time to sit inside on the computer in such an amazing city? It’s amazingly beautiful, around every corner there’s a new masterpiece. I’ve got some pictures (that means a few hundred) and I’ll share some as soon as I have a functioning wifi (I am hoping the express train to Madrid has one??).

Barcelona is perfect for walking, so we’ve had a few days with hours and hours of walking, perfect to burn off the excess sangria (try the Cava sangria next time you’re here) and tapas. So very tasty! And speaking of food, we’re off to nibble at everything that looks tempting at a market for breakfast (that might actually be closer to lunch), so I gotta run 🙂

Have a fantastic Sunday!!

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8 Responses to What To Do When You Have Terrible Wifi?

  1. Me says:

    Barcelona is a great place to be! Who needs wifi there when there is so much to see?!?! I want to go back there so badly, I look forward to your pictures!

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