Barcelona Baby!

Finally, I am somewhere with fully functioning wifi where I don’t need to drag my laptop around half the city! Who would’ve thought I had to go all the way back to Greece for that?!

Barcelona was just amazing! Every time you turn a corner you go “wow”! So much history, so much art and architecture and so much shopping. Not to mention so much tapas and sangria! And so much walking! I love walking around in big cities and just take in the atmosphere and the sights and I think we have probably walked about 100km the last week! Had to invest in some new walking shoes as my little toes had blisters on top of the old blisters and my toe looked about double the size it would normally have (not that I have massive feet or toes to start with, but still!). So now I own some really cool, greyish Nikes. Nice!

It is probably impossible to sum up Barcelona in one post (and I still need to show you some more pictures from Oslo too), so I will post a few more the coming days with a little more info for those especially interested! We also spent a few days in Madrid before we flew to Athens this morning, another truly amazing city. So many pictures! SO many! But back to Barcelona. It’s a great city. We stayed a couple of places, one of them was in Marina and I think the street we stayed on was the funeral central of Barcelona (like seriously, every second shop was a funeral florist or a tombstone shop) so we moved from there after a few days and stayed at an amazing B&B called Anba, right next to Urquinaona Metro Station. Super central and super cool place. See pictures from there soon!

Barcelona is also great because it’s got everything; beach, shopping, nightlife, art, food and sight after sight after sight.  Just look:

IMG_7004 IMG_6960 IMG_6930 IMG_7028 IMG_7040 IMG_7071 IMG_7083 IMG_7091 IMG_7056 IMG_6984

We have taken about 4000 pictures on this trip so far, so I’m going to have such a job going though them all!! Making a photo book as soon as I come home (very soon unfortunately!) and will share some more with you tomorrow!

My favourite part of Barcelona (after the Cava Sangria) was running along the extremely wide and long and fantastic walking/running/cycling/skipping/rolling way along the beach front. Loved running down there from the B&B and just running along the beautiful beach, looking at other runners or walkers, try to sprint next to bikes to really get the heart rate up or simply jogging and enjoying the beautiful view. If you are planning on going to Barcelona, make sure you pack your runners! Or you can hire a bike somewhere if running is not your thing. Or you are totally allowed just to go for a walk too (and even to finish the walk with an ice cream, you are on holidays after all, take a chill pill) and jump in the sea afterwards for a swim! Ahhh, I want to go back already!

But hey, I am now in Athens and can’t complain. I also bumped into my favourite Norwegian author, Jo Nesbø, on the plane this morning so I have really had a good day. If you haven’t heard of him, check him out!

I just heard someone mention rooftop pool and view of the Acropolis in the same sentence, so I think I am needed. See you guys tomorrow! Be good and do Something Every Day 🙂

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10 Responses to Barcelona Baby!

  1. katyhancock says:

    I have a question about your amazing European adventure trip. Are you going with a program of some kind or are you just doing it all on your own?

  2. mohanag says:

    I cant help but keep saying the same thing! I absolutely love your clothes! And lovely wall graffiti there btw! 😀

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