Awesome Ashild Recommends: Anba Bed & Breakfast Deluxe

I mentioned this B&B a few posts ago and though I would give you a recommendation if you are heading to Barcelona anytime soon. You find their website here, both in english and spanish. The location is great, right next to Urquinaona Metro stop and a five minute walk to Plaça Catalunya where both La Rambla and Passeig de Gràcia starts from (five minutes if you walk my tempo, might be slightly more), two pretty big streets with plenty of shopping and cafes. 

We fell for Anba B&B because of the location, but also the interesting interior design and how they had kept the old ceilings (like very old, have a look at a picture further down. Pretty amazing!). I’ll let you have a look for yourself;

IMG_7107 IMG_7118 IMG_7120 IMG_7128 IMG_7094 IMG_7097 IMG_7102 IMG_7104 IMG_1053The service is great, the breakfast looked great, we actually never had it as we always went out for a bite at food markets or cafes elsewhere. But they leave croissants and juice out if you want a little snack later during the day. The little courtyard is nice to relax and have a drink in between intensive shopping and dinnertime (usually around 10-11PM for us…) if you feel like a little peace and quiet. The B&B has plenty of traveller information, guide books, a laptop for free use and are more than helpful to organise things for you.

But here comes the best of it all (in my personal opinion of course), they have a Nespresso machine for free use 24/7 and it was placed directly outside our door, which means I could open the door in the morning and stick my hand out to make a coffee, almost while I was still in bed (now, I am exaggerating a little here, but it’s not far from the truth) and just sneak back under the covers while I had my coffee to wake up. Just perfect for a coffee lover like me (I am going on a serious coffee detox when I get home, have been drinking way too much while being away).

So there you go, my personal recommendation for where to stay in Barcelona. And seriously, go to Barcelona. It’s fantastic! 🙂

I am unfortunately writing this from Athens International Airport, which means we are on our way back to Melbourne. It feels like it was only yesterday (ok, maybe last week) that we left for this trip and now it is over. Flight is ready to be boarded, so gotta go!

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