Madrid ~ Spain. What A Beauty Of A City!


Madrid is an amazing city, loved walking around the streets and just enjoying life!


Found this crazy liquorice shop, but decided usually it looks far better than it tastes so decided to save the room in my stomach for something more tasty!


I could’ve gone for a pizza from this place, just because I used to love Obelix when I was a kid (I still love him, who am I kidding?!)


Madrid ~ The city where you order a salad and it comes on bread! But it was very tasty anyhow 🙂


Yum 🙂


Did I mention we ate a lot on this trip? Mini sausages at a marked in Madrid!


And blue cheese…. Yum!


And this guy – tastes a lot better than he looks!


Beautiful sunset from a rooftop 🙂IMG_7353

I am sure this was not built in one day, not built without a plan, not built without some blood and tears and definitely not built without help and some trial and error.

Amazing architecture.


Did I say amazing?

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4 Responses to Madrid ~ Spain. What A Beauty Of A City!

  1. Great photos and captions…. and I like your outfit. I had fun camping out in your blog. I’ll be back! 🙂

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