What To Do When You Wake Up At 4AM?

It doesn’t seem like the jet lag has quite disappeared yet! This morning I was wide awake at 4… Lying there thinking, I’ll fall asleep soon. Just relax, sleep will come. But did it? Nah! So got out of bed at 5AM and went for a walk. Might as well get some fresh air before the day begins for the rest of the world (although there was plenty of cars on the road already, it never stops to amaze me how many cars there are in Melbourne. About time they build some better train lines and public transport so people actually use it!) and get a better start to the day than just staying in bed and get a sore back. Breakfast was in my tummy before 6:30AM. Feeling good!

I think I needed that walk though, my legs are pretty sore today after yesterday’s workout. It felt good to get straight back into it, with a kettlebell interval session. We did one minute on, 45 seconds off with various exercises such as one-handed kettlebell swing, halo, kettlebell high pull, kettlebell front squat, kettlebell russian twists and tow-arm kettlebell military press (I don’t know why I repeated kettlebell like a million times there, that was pretty obvious wasn’t it? If that was just weird words to you, I am happy to make a show and tell post with kettlebells? Let me know!). 30 minutes of that, then a 20 minute jog. Not to bad for a Tuesday, right?

Smile - you are someones sunshine!

Smile – you are someones sunshine!

What was your Something yesterday? Have you been lazy over winter (I am seriously confused with the whole summer/winter thing these days. Coming from summer, to a spring that feels like summer, but my biological clock says it should now be autumn, because it is the end of September after all) and need to kick start your new, healthy lifestyle for summer (you know, now is the time to start thinking about the bikini body and shedding those winter kilos – I can just see the magazine covers in my head, it’s the same every year!) and get into a good routine of moving more and eating better (same goes if you have been lazy over summer and want to get active for winter – no better time than now). It only takes very little to feel a lot better. Especially if you start from nothing. How about you go for a fifteen minute walk this afternoon? Or even at your lunch break? Get some fresh air, some vitamin D and a little exercise all at once. It’s a win-win! Do it!

I am looking for a new challenge, so need to find something interesting around my current hood. I just don’t know what! Martial arts, ballet, kickboxing, rock climbing, swimming or something completely different. Any suggestions to something fun and challenging that gets your heart rate up?

Have an amazing Wednesday, beautiful people! The sun is out and summer is close 🙂

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