When Life Hands You Lemons…

…you have a few choices. You can squirt lemon juice in your eyes and cry for the rest of the day. You can buy tequila and add some salt (I’ve heard this is a popular one). Or you can make lemonade!! Sugar free and great for you! Yay!

Today it wasn’t exactly life that handed me lemons, more the crazy, stormy weather that has been playing around in Melbourne all day. The garden was full of lemons this afternoon (some of them might even be the neighbour’s?) when I got home. So I picked them up (as you do in life too, right?) and moved on to do something useful with them (as you do in life as well..) and figured a sugar free lemonade would be heaps better for me than lemon merengue pie (or would it? I did have the classic 3PM slump (or jet lag – not sure)). It’s so easy it shouldn’t be legal. And guess what? Lemon is classified as a superfood and easily makes its way into my Awesome Food list too (just because I like it so much)!

Lemon1 Lemon2 Lemon3

Why is the lemon good for you? First of all lemons are packed with Vitamin C so they are great for preventing the common cold (is it actually proven that Vit C helps?) and if you already are sick and have a sore throat, try mixing lemon juice with honey in warm water, it’s delicious and helps soothe a sore throat and it can also help to bring down a fever too! The most famous superpower of the lemon is how it aids digestion and helps to eliminate waste and toxins from your body (I am sure you have heard of the famous Lemon Detox Diet ~ maybe not a great idea to do that, but having a glass of sugar free lemonade a day will do you good). Some say drinking lemon juice can help prevent kidney stones and I think that’s reason enough to have a lemon a day (I’ve heard it’s really painful!!!). As so many other superfoods, lemon is known to have anticancer properties. I’ve always known the super banana is packed with potassium, but I’ve never heard that lemons have the same. I’ve also heard you can bleach your hair with lemon juice, but I would probably contact a hairdresser before I tried that (or Pamela Anderson?).

Convinced you should make some lemonade when life hands you a few lemons? Here we go, all you need is;

Lemons, Water, Ice Cubes and Stevia (liquid or granulated)

If you’re lucky you can just pick the lemons in your garden, if not go get some juicy ones from a market or the supermarket. Use a lemon squeeze thingy (you know what I mean) and get the most out of all your lemons (depending on how much you are making you need anything from 1 lemon to like 200, but closer to 6 for a family size serve). Now the tricky part, because we are all different. Depending on how sweet you like your lemonade, you have to add stevia to your liking. This requires some tasting skill after adding the water and the ice cubes. If you have granulated stevia it might be a good idea to stir it into the lemon juice before mixing. If you like it fancy, cut another lemon in slices and add to the mix too, it looks nice (scrub the lemon first, could be full of pesticides) and can even be served when you’re having guests.

Lemon5 Lemon4Lemon6


Tadaaa! It’s not that bad having some lemons handed to you is it? Enjoy (I think this lemonade will taste far better after your Something Every Day, such as Push Ups or a Circuit)!

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