The Scandinavians Understands It First (As Usual)

This week Swedish experts published their report (Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment) on Low Carb High Fat diets. The study found that low-carb diets are most effective for weight loss, and it makes no increased risk of cardiovascular and vascular disease (did you see that? NO increased risk). Furthermore, you get better values ​​of the good cholesterol, no negative effect on the bad cholesterol. No news there! For some very few of us who actually eat plenty of fats, not plenty of carbs and still lead a very healthy, happy life. Are you surprised?

This report will most likely affect what the Swedish Department of Health will advise the Swedes to eat in the future. It will also affect what is considered to be ‘healthy and ‘less healthy’ foods in Sweden (and then Scandinavia, then Europe and then slowly, slowly the rest of the world). It’s not massive news in Sweden that LCHF is the way to go, not only when trying to lose weight, but also when maintaining a healthy lifestyle (they have 6 (SIX!!!) different LCHF magazines for sale in normal supermarkets). The early adapters in Sweden (and Norway and Denmark) have been following a LCHF diet/lifestyle/way of life/whatever you want to call it for years now (I do remember the rest of the world was making fun of Norway and the rest of Scandinavia for a Butter War a few years ago, when Norway was out of butter and we had to turn to our neighbouring countries for help! All in the name of good health of course.) and I haven’t seen any of them complain about heart disease or high cholesterol.

Hmmm, will this kill you or make you stronger?

Hmmm, will this kill you or make you stronger?

The people that have been crying wolf for years now and still are crying, are the ‘experts’, the ones that have studied nutrition (and what did you learn about how we digest fructose again?) and ‘know’ what they talk about. The ‘experts’ who are paid to have the ‘right’ opinion about how low fat/high carb diets are better for us and keeps us slim and healthy (easy to see when you look around you that that’s clearly not working). All these experts who are telling us how bad it is to eat natural fats like butter and how much better it is for us to eat manufactured fats like margarine, will soon have to realise that the grass is greener on the other side, and that they have been lying to us all along. Time to get the truth out, and the truth is simply; it is better for you to eat natural foods, that has no added sugar or vegetable oils, foods with fat (no more low fat sugar loaded crap) and foods that you know what is (it actually had a name before, such as cow, cucumber or corn ~ not high fructose corn syrup).

Many people are allergic to the term LCHF because they think it’s eating a fatty steak with lots of sauce for dinner every day and egg and bacon for breakfast. Yes, of course you can do that, but what most people forget is the amazing amount of vegetables that you can and should consume on a LCHF way of life. That’s the biggest bonus. When you take out all the simple carbs from your diet (sugar, wheat, white bread, pasta, honey and so on), you have room to add so much more yumminess, such as broccoli, salads, tomatoes, carrots, apples, capsicum, oranges, zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, bok choy and any other vegetable or fruit you can think of. It’s LOW carb remember, not NO carbs. Eating an apple is not going to kill you, neither is eating a bunch of grapes. Yes, it’s carbs and yes it’s fructose – but it grows on a bush and it’s all natural (except for the ones that are genetically modified) and I can’t see how that is going to harm your health?


You are worried there will be nothing to eat when you take away your cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, chocolate for an afternoon treat and your pasta dinner? And what about the three sugars you have in your coffee every morning? Stop worrying about what you will lose (it is in fact nothing) and start thinking about what you will gain. Not only will you health (and probably weight) get a lot better within a very short period of limiting your carb intake, but your food will also get more varied, interesting and better tasting (on top of being better for you). How temping isn’t it with a Nut and Seed Granola with greek yoghurt and some fresh berries for breakfast? Or delish scrambled eggs (no, it doesn’t take long)? A massive salad with all the colours of the rainbow for lunch, with beautiful olive oil dressing and a grilled piece of salmon on the side (or you can fry it in butter). How would you like strawberries with whipped coconut cream for an afternoon treat? And a stirfry with more vegetables than you can count for dinner, with beef one day and chicken the next (and you don’t have to eat the dry breast, dig into some tasty thighs).

Eating will be fun again. And tasty. Fat is where the taste is. When you take the fat out, you have to add sugar for it to taste good. Therefor LCHF is good for you and your taste buds and your health. Throw away your low fat foods and start eating real again. Or do whatever you feel like of course, it’s not my job to tell you what to do. There is no black and white here, but plenty of grey areas. You can go and have chocolate banana bread for dinner if you like (sounds delish actually) and say it’s your 80/20 healthy lifestyle (it’s Sunday after all, isn’t it?!). I’m having pork, because you know what they say; Get some pork on your fork 🙂

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If you are interested, the whole report is here for you to download ~ Google translate can help you if you don’t understand Swedish. 

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14 Responses to The Scandinavians Understands It First (As Usual)

  1. Georgie says:

    Great article. I have been eating LCHF for about 3 years and love it.

  2. lmarieallen says:

    Having had breast cancer, everyone seems to be pushing a lowfat, vegan lifestyle as the key to preventing a recurrence. This just doesn’t fit my body’s preference. If I eat no meat and little fat, I’m ravenous. I do like bread, though! I don’t eat much of it, but I like it with a bit of jam in the morning with eggs. 80/20 all the way:)

    • As I like to say, if it makes you feel good, it probably won’t kill you. Enjoy your bread and jam and make sur eyou eat plenty of good fats for the rest of the day, and veggies 🙂 yum, yum, yum!

  3. katyhancock says:

    So is this kind of advocating for the paleo way of eating?

    • Primal, paleo, low carb, LCHF, Atkins – it’s all pretty similar and just tweaked to be marketed to different people. What matters is what suits you and what you want to call it. I prefer calling my lifestyle LCHF – because that’s what it is 🙂

  4. jackiraivo says:

    This it great! Totally agree with you: )

  5. You have to love us scandinavians….always know a good thing when wee see one 😉

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  7. Zanjabil says:

    This is great. America needs to jump on the LCHF bandwagon. I, personally would have put meat at the base of the pyramid, because it is the most nutritionally dense and satisfying of foods.

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