Research Is Always Too Specific And Never Tells The Whole Truth

Just look at this.

I’m pretty sure carbs are bad for you;

Carbs are bad

And I am pretty sure carbs are good for you;


I think protein is bad for you;


But on the other hand, protein is good for you;

protein is good

Fats are bad for you;


But fats are also good for you;



If you only look at one side of the research, you will only see one side of the story. And I have learnt in life, if you only listen to one side of the story, the side you hear will most often just be gossip and you will never be fully informed on the facts.

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6 Responses to Research Is Always Too Specific And Never Tells The Whole Truth

  1. Aristotle said “all things in moderation” and I believe there is great wisdom in that

  2. Joy says:

    Well said, my friend!

  3. I do research in university, and I think the biggest issue with the “fad diets” that base themselves on “ground breaking” research lack context. Research as a whole lacks context. We can’t study humans, it’s all on mice and cells, which at the end of the day are models and not real people. I think diets should be based on common sense, and while research can help scientists learn about why some fats hurt and some fats help, it doesn’t give normal people enough context and breadth to give up logic when eating.

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