Oslo ~ Norway

I know it’s a little delayed, but I promised you I would show you some of Oslo too, so here you go, a few selected pictures from the capital of Norway (just so you can add Norway to your planned holiday to Europe of course);

IMG_6848 IMG_6880 IMG_6883 IMG_6886 IMG_6901 IMG_6919IMG_6856 IMG_6864 IMG_6924 IMG_6908

Don’t say you don’t feel like going to Oslo to hug some statues now?! There’s so many of them in Vigelandsparken, that you just have to hug some of them (because so many of them look so sad and lonely or just angry like Sinnataggen (you guess which one!)). We did a lot of walking in Oslo as well, just like the other European cities we visited. I feel like you get to experience the city in a completely different way then if you are just talking buses and metros (or taxis) everywhere you are going (and I love walking, so why not!).

We went to Holmenkollen (the ski jump) as well, hoping that we could actually walk all the way up to the top and we were disappointed to find that it wasn’t allowed (sad face). The view from the top was still pretty amazing and I can’t believe those maniacs who actually jump over 200 metres coming off that slope!! I’m not scared of heights, but seriously, that’s just crazy.

And that massive wall full of cows? That’s just a Milk Chocolate ad (the best milk chocolate in the world if you were wondering…) painted all over the building. This is a must try when in Norway, you will love it. Promise. And yes, you are on holidays, so a little chocolate is not going to kill you. Especially f you have been walking for about 10km sightseeing that day. Yum, yum, yum (I want some of this for Christmas if anyone wants so send me some??).

Oh, and that big building is the parliament. We were in Oslo on election day, so there were plenty of election campaigns (still running) around the main square and street, plus heaps of TV crews set up in front of the parliament house. I can’t say I am in particularly happy with the outcome of the elections, we will see what the next 4 years has in stall for Norway (fingers crossed).

So, if you are planning on going to Europe, stop by Norway as well. So many skip it because it’s ‘so far north’, but in reality it’s only a 4 hour flight from Crete and Crete is pretty far south in Europe. So when comparing it to Australian distances, it’s nothing. Like a day trip almost (I do have a friend who goes to Perth for meetings every now and then, fly out from Melbourne in the morning and come back in the evening – same thing) and very doable. And while you are there, get out of Oslo, see some more of the country such as Bergen, Jotunheimen and Trondheim. Go up north to see the Northern Lights, to the west to see the fjords (we went down to Geiranger, pretty amazing views) and climb a mountain to really see the country. It’s so diverse and so long (most people don’t believe how long it is) and well worth a visit.

Enough with the Norway advertising. I do have a million more pictures, so be warned, there might be more to come!

Have a beautiful day, don’t blow away if you are down under, it looks pretty windy out there today as well 🙂

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10 Responses to Oslo ~ Norway

  1. Haha, vigelanden park, when I was there there was a group of Japanese tourists (sorry for the stereotyping, but it’s true) checking out all the male parts and giggling. It was a sight in itself

  2. mohanag says:

    Oslo is soo beautiful!

  3. What is the meaning of the stomping mad baby and the monument of bodies? Very cool work.

  4. Love your pics. A good friend of my husband moved here with his Norwegian wife from beautiful Hawaii and he LOVES it. It’s great seeing some pictures of his new hometown.

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