We Need To Talk About Sugar (Again)!

More specifically we need to talk about how to quit sugar. And when I say sugar, I mean that nasty part of sugar, known as fructose. “But fructose is natural and comes from fruit” they say. Yes, the fructose that is in the fruit, along with the fibre and water that is also in the fruit is normal and ok. But it’s when you take it away from the fruit (or from elsewhere) and take out the fibre and water and add other things such as wheat, starch, soy and other things to make fake food, that’s when fructose becomes a problem. And today, in our western society, you will find fructose in about 90% of all manufactured food (also known as fake food). That means if we walked into a supermarket (think of the biggest one you know) and removed everything that has added sugar to it, you would be left with a shedload of empty shelves. And lots of fresh colourful vegetables, fresh fish, meat and poultry (be aware though, many of these things even have added sugar, such as bacon, BBQ marinated varieties and many crumbed varieties of meat and chicken are loaded with added sugar), most of the dairy products, and maybe a few breads if you are lucky. Gone are the low fat yogurts, canned foods, pre-made stir-fry sauces and cereals. And obviously the chocolate section, lolly section and chips section (yep, most of them have added sugar on top of being fried in ‘heart healthy’ vegetable oils). And everything in between. If you have never looked at the ingredient list on the back of your normal supermarket shop, I suggest you do so and you might get a not so pleasant surprise.

And apart from being everywhere, in everything, what is the biggest problem with fructose (or sugar to make it easy)? It’s as addictive as heroin. Yet, it is sold everywhere you can imagine and it is destroying our health day by day. And just to throw in a little fun fact; do you know who the two major sponsors of the biggest International Diabetes conference in the world last week was? The Coca Cola Company and Pfizer. Yep, the ‘bad guy’ who pumps more sugar into our veins than any other company in the world (who no doubt has responsibility for a big percentage of the people suffering from Type II Diabetes around the world) and the ‘good guy’ Pfizer who benefits from every single person with Type II diabetes in the world, selling them medication they so desperately need. Interesting…

sugar in drinks Sugar0

Do you want to quit sugar, but have no idea how to break the addiction? I am here to give you a kick up the *** to get started and a few tips and tricks on the way there. I have read all of David Gillespie’s books (Big Fat Lies, Sweet Poison, The Sweet Poison Quit Plan and Toxic Oil) and these are tips picked up from him.

  • First of all you have to make the decision. You will get nowhere if you just out half your heart into it. Make up your mind and have the right attitude, a can do and will do attitude. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have this and you can’t have that. You are saving yourself from a serious addiction. You can do it!
  • Have you got any habits that include sugar? Like going to the movies and having a ChocTop? Sunday lunch with the girl is alway topped off with a Strawberry Daiquiri? Realise this habits, write them down and also write suggestions to what to eat/drink instead.
  • Throw away all your sugar (or give it away). If you have a ton of sugar sitting in your pantry, you will not be able to quit. Period! So, get rid of it.
  • Decide on a day you will start and make sure the day before that you intentionally and purposefully eat your last spoonful of sugar (makes the medicine go down). This marks a new era in your life.
  • So your pantry looks a little empty after all that? Go shopping and fill up with lots of yummy things you can eat and should eat. Finding it hard to find things you can eat? Think unprocessed. Natural. Not in a pack. Raw. Do not think Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan and Low Fat (all these usually have plenty of added sugar, but the buzzwords makes you ignore it).

How does that sound? The most important thing is to make up your mind. If you are thinking maybe and perhaps, then you will fail. You have to think I will do this. I can do this. Set a goal, find your starting date, make a plan, stick to it and make it happen. You are the only person stopping yourself from quitting sugar today. Just do it!

Just in case you are not convinced how much sugar is in food, have a look at this post;

Sugar ~ The Poison and The Feelgood Drug

and this one explains a little more how

Sugar Is As Addictive As Cocaine.

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10 Responses to We Need To Talk About Sugar (Again)!

  1. DE says:

    Brilliant explanation of something that drives me nuts. When I tell people that most of my diet consists of raw fruit and vegetables they respond “but fructose is really bad for you”. No it’s not if you leave it in its original wrapper: the fruit!! Keep up the great posts.

  2. DE says:

    Reblogged this on Crankster and commented:
    Many of you have heard me banging on about choosing to eat mostly from the whole food section of the supermarket and stay away from the processed foods. “yeah, yeah you vegan nut job” they often joke. “I’m not vegan but do love my fruit”.
    “But fructose is bad for you they say”.
    “Not if you leave it in it’s original wrapper” I reply.
    Whole foods are better than processed foods.
    Awesome Ashlid has just posted a blog that explains the whole ‘problem’ with sugar thing really well. Check it out.

  3. I think we should look at everything containing sugar as it if had a skull and crossbones on the packaging; the drugs and food industry are the only ones who benefit from its consumption by us. What makes me even more angry is how products are marketed to kids and their parents – this is the worst kind of evil and manipulation. Great post with lots of great tips – once again!

  4. Karyl says:

    I have a sugar addiction. But I am not ready to give it up. Sorry. But thanks. I do agree with you. But you know how addicts are. 😦

  5. loulouloves says:

    I’m started Day 1 sans fructose on Nov 1, but am doing the warm up. P.S hej från Sverige.

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