Sparkling Cava Sangria ~ Good For Your Soul


Yesterday it was almost like summer in Melbourne and all I wanted to do was to enjoy the hot summer night and drink Cava Sangria. Cancel that, the hot summer night turned more out like a freezing autumn night than anything else. So no Sangria for me (to many ice cubes I think), but I figured summer is just around the corner, so I need to figure out how to make this refreshing summer drink.

I don’t normally advertise for drinking alcohol, but a very big percentage of us do it, and if you are trying to be good with the sugar intake, there is a lot of sweet, sugary drinks out there you want to try and avoid (such as Mojito, daiquiris, Caipirinha, anything mixed with Coke and so on). This Cava Sangria still has some sweetness to it, but you can easily make it less sweet by taking some clever choices, such as choosing a dry sparking wine (or Cava as some call it). They are not all super sweet, so this is possible. Then, for the grapefruit juice, make sure it’s a variety without added sugar. Or even better, you can squeeze it yourself and if you are struggling with it being to tangy, add some natural sweetener such as Stevia. Then the only sugar left is in the fruit/berries you put in the mix. So all in all not too bad. And after all, this is not something we will have on a daily basis, but probably more like a few times a year, so enjoy it. I did last time I had some as you can see!

IMG_0989 IMG_0991 IMG_0992 IMG_1000


So, it seems it’s not that hard to make at all. And we are all different, so you might have a different way of making it. I have been browsing the web and have found lots of recipes with orange liqueur, but the one we had in Barcelona did not have that, so I didn’t include it in my recipe. All you need is;

Chilled sparkling wine, chilled grape juice (freshly squeezed), lots and lots of ice cubes, sliced lemons/oranges/grapefruit and/or strawberries/other fruit you like.

It’s really that easy to make an impressive, fresh and not so bad for you summer drink. I am planning on having this a few times this summer (as soon as the summer nights gets warm enough). Because a little bit is not going to kill me, right? Enjoy 🙂

What is your favourite summer drink?

Oh and more importantly, are you moving your body today?? Even if we all missed an hour sleep last night (yay Day Light Savings), that is no valid excuse not to move! 🙂

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