Come On Melbourne Summer ~ It’s Time To Bring The Bikini Bodies Out!

Is it just me or was it a little bit harder to get out of bed at 5AM today after daylight savings suddenly started last weekend? Dark and on top of that cold and windy (at least down by the beach it was)! I vote for summer to come now, what do you vote? At least I know tomorrow is meant to be 27 degrees, so that will be peeeerfect I think. Bring on summer (but please, all shop owners, put away all the Christmas stuff you already have filled your shelves with, it’s too early!)!

But hey, what’s better on a cold, dark morning than warming up with a workout, knowing that you will feel sooooo much better for it, for the rest of the day?! Warm, energised, awake and ready to rock before others are even contemplating getting out of bed. It sure feels good. I finally found a place to lift some nice and heavy weights yesterday, so I desperately needed to move my legs this morning. I will be so sore! But that’s a good feeling though, I know that I’m doing it right. I also did my Day 2, Week 2 of the 100 Push Ups Challenge yesterday (mid workout instead of first thing in the morning) and it’s getting a little harder now. Day 3, Week 2 tomorrow includes 60 push ups so I’m curious to see how I’ll go. In either way, slow progress is progress so we all need to keep moving forward (because even if you’re not moving forward, others are moving past you, so you’re still being left behind).

Speaking of the summer just around the corner, I know hundreds (and thousands) of girls around Australia (and probably quite a few men too) are now getting into their bikini body. I know I have discussed this before and I have not changed my mind. All you need to do to get a bikini body is to have a body, then put a bikini on. Tadaa! Did you know if you Google ‘how to get a bikini body’ you will get 87,900,000 hits. That’s more than just a few. And I know hundreds (and thousands) of girls are googling this to find the quick and easy solution. The five day diet. Or the quick weight loss diet pill. Some might even find the right training plan for your body type, achieve your dream body now. The top hits in my search was 5 ways to get a bikini worthy body, 7 ways to get bikini-body ready and 10 ways for getting a bikini body. So hold on, these guys are telling me I don’t already have a bikini body or are even worthy of wearing a bikini? That doesn’t sound quite right does it, because I have a body and actually plenty of bikinis and they have all recently been on my body, therefor I have a bikini body. Right?


I have a suggestion to all these people Googling ‘how to get a bikini body’. First and foremost of course, be good to your body. Do your Something Every Day, make sure you stay active. Our bodies are meant to be active. Then, it is crucial to feed your body too. Nourish it. Give your body plenty of nutrition. Lots of greens, lots of proteins and lots of fats. You need it to build muscle, to be active and to stay healthy. All this is good for your body, be active and feed it. But I think there is something that is even better for your mind (especially if this thought of being bikini worthy and having the right bikini body are thoughts that are haunting you every day). Put your bikini on and go to the beach. You will find there’s is no such thing as the bikini body. At the beach you will find people in all shapes and sizes. They might be tiny or they might be massive. They might be fat or they might be muscly. They might have a big pot belly or a big badonkadonk. They might have big boobs or be completely flat chested. Some might have stretch marks on their biceps, others around their hips. Some might be super tall and others not so tall at all. Some might be healthy, some might not be. Some might even do a crazy workout in the sand, while others are kicking back with a cold beer. And do you know what? They all have bikini bodies, because they all have bodies and they are all wearing bikinis (ok, some might be more covered up and others might be less and the guys might be wearing shorts or speedos, but you get my point).

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 10.00.51 AM

It’s honestly the most liberating thing to do. Sitting on the beach, feeling good because you have done your workout and you have eaten well (and maybe even had a good nights sleep and a cup of green tea) and you are healthy. You are being good to your body and you are doing the right thing. You feel good about yourself and you know that your body is perfectly normal. And you look around you and realise everyone is different, but at the same time we are all the same. Normal human beings with two arms and two legs (sometimes not), a face, two lungs and two eyes. These two eyes might look at you and think ‘you look amazing, I wish I had those legs/that hair/that ass/those eyes/whatever’ while you might be thinking the complete opposite about yourself. Stop it. You are beautiful, healthy and happy. And you have a bikini body, whether you believe it or not.

Summer is around the corner, start believing in yourself and your bikini body today, because it’s all in your mind.  

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5 Responses to Come On Melbourne Summer ~ It’s Time To Bring The Bikini Bodies Out!

  1. katyhancock says:

    Hahaha I love your last picture, and it’s so true. I have “wear a bikini” on my pail list and was just waiting for a time when I felt confident enough to do it. I’m thinking that next summer I’ll be ready 🙂

  2. aquariosa says:

    Hahahaha so interesting! 🙂

  3. tallmartha says:

    I wish we were getting into summer… nothing but cold weather ahead for me! Jealous!

    • There’s plenty of good things about autumn and winter too; hot chocolate, fire place, a million new, beautiful scarfs, new winter coat, beautiful boots, the fresh air and so on 🙂 xo

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