Salmon – My Favourite Food Also Happens To Be A Superfood

I can eat salmon every day. Smoked salmon in my omelette, raw salmon sashimi, salmon and coconut milk stir fry or simply a delicious piece of salmon fried in butter with crunchy skin. Nom nom nom! I seriously don’t think I will ever get sick of eating salmon. Maybe it’s in my genes, after all I from a salmon exporting country. I am very happy to eat trout as well, but unfortunately it’s very hard to find good trout in Australia (please, feel free to prove me wrong). I am very spoilt with super tasty, fresh mountain trout from Norway. It’s the best, believe me. Go there and try for yourself (let me know, I will recommend the best place to eat trout). But hey, I was talking about salmon, wasn’t I? Let’s have a closer look at why my salmon addiction probably isn’t such a bad thing.

Salmon. So juicy, tender and tasty (when cooked to perfection. If you fail to do so, it might be dry, boring and hard to swallow)! And so full of fat. Great fat (you know how much I love fat) to feed your brain. And your skin. And probably your joints too (they need grease to move properly). You know how so many millions of people are taking Omega 3 supplements every day. How about you just eat some salmon instead? Salmon is one of the best food sources for Omega 3 fats (Omega 3 fats are one of the two essential fatty acids we must consume because our bodies cannot produce this fat on its own). So much tastier than a capsule. And you can have it with veggies too. Oh, in case you are wondering why we need Omega 3 (apart from greasing your joints)? It’s actually critical for our mental health, without enough Omega 3 you might get depressed, your brain might not function properly (your memory more specifically), your mood might not be great and Omega 3 is also very important for a healthy heart.


Namsen – Norway, where the best wild salmon comes from!


You might now be thinking ‘what about Omega 6? We need that too, right?’. Well, the problem with today’s (eastern) society is that we consume far to much Omega 6, compared to Omega 3 and there is an imbalance in your body. This is no good at all and can create inflammation amongst other nasty things. This is also why you should choose wild salmon instead of farmed salmon, because there is more Omega 3 and less Omega 6 in the wild one. It’s also important that you don’t overcook the salmon, but keep it medium rare/rare, to ensure you don’t kill the good stuff in there. You can of course also choose to eat it raw in sushi or sashimi (yum, yum, yum!!). So, more Omega 3, less Omega 6, OK?

Like any other superfood, it seems (wild) salmon also has the power to help you shed unwanted kilos. I know, crazy right, you eat fat to lose fat! But it’s true, so just do it. Salmon is also known to support good eye and vision health. Rumours has it if you eat salmon on a regular basis, you will not have dry eyes. And it’s packed with vitamin D (the one you usually need sunshine to get) and vitamin B12. And like any other type of seafood, meat or chicken, it has lots of protein. And you need some protein to build some strong muscles. Convinced salmon is one of Superman’s cousins yet? I am.


Yum, salmon and avocado, plenty of good fats all in one go!

So, what’s for dinner? You can eat salmon in so many different ways, it’s not even funny. Only your imagination is limiting your choices there (and possibly your taste buds). As mentioned before sushi and sashimi are excellent choices, stir fry, whole salmon cooked in the oven with lemon and olive oil (served with sour cream, cucumber salad and potatoes), cubed in a salad, cubed in a pasta sauce, fried in butter (as is), salmon patties, leftover cold salmon on a piece of toast with mayo… Now I am just getting hungry, so I’ll stop. Bottom line is (and here comes the propaganda); Eat More Fish! It’s an Awesome Food, and when you eat it you will be awesome too 🙂

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14 Responses to Salmon – My Favourite Food Also Happens To Be A Superfood

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    I love salmon 🙂 we have had it every day this week because our freezer packed up and we had a whole salmon in there so we had to eat it before it goes off…we ended up baking the lot and are now just eating our way through it 🙂
    It is also really good for boosting the immune system especially for recovering burn victims! (My husband accidentally set himself on fire this year so I read a lot about it!

  2. My family eats salmon a lot, especially in the summer when my husband goes to fish. I would have to argue that we have the best wild salmon though 😉 What’s your favorite kind of Salmon?

  3. Me says:

    Yum, yum! I wish I could find some wild salmon here! We are far too landlocked. Haha, my hubby practically drooled over your sushi pic.

  4. MissesC says:

    I haven’t found one single way I don’t love to eat salmon. I do have a problem with eating salmon: all my pets love it too. One of my cats was attempting to get to the salmon I already swallowed. Bad kitty!

  5. piratebobcat says:

    Agreed! Love salmon and it’s benefits. I just wish more people knew to avoid the farm raised version!

  6. I absolutely share your love of salmon~! (if not even more). I eat every part of it…from the head (heavenly when you grill or roast it in the oven) to the belly (soooo delicious pan-fried) to the tail (also amazing pan-fried – tastes like chips!) and even the entire backbone (chopped into pieces and pan-fried then sprinkled with spring onions makes a lovely dish).

    I’ve recently developed a rather (unhealthy) craving for smoked salmon. I’ve been going through packets of this stuff everyday. Is this ok?

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