The World Is Running Out Of Chocolate!

I am serious here folks, the world IS running out of chocolate! What are we going to do?? When I first read about this I thought to myself, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I mean, obviously, many people eat far too much chocolate (and of the not so great kind with lots of added sugar and other nasties), so for them it would be great if the option was no longer there. For others, who like the raw chocolate, the unprocessed and more natural choices that actually does contain antioxidants and can be referred to as a Superfood (or Awesome Food), it is actually a little sad if the world does run out of chocolate, isn’t it?


Stressing out yet? Let me explain. So, if we keep using and abusing the cocoa bean plantations at the same rate as we are today, and the farmers (is it called farmers?) of the cocoa beans are not getting paid what they should and on top of that gets paid more if they start farming rubber trees, the world will run out of cocoa beans (and therefor also chocolate) by the 2nd October 2020 (a very specific date found by chocolate experts). I guess we have been eating too much chocolate lately, but unfortunately for us (the white, fat people), the Indians and Chinese have also developed a liking for this sweet treat. Do you know how many Indians and Chinese there are in the world? There is about 1,210,193,422 Indian people (Asian Indians) and 1,360,370,000 Chinese (watch out China, India is catching up). So, needless to say, if all these guys are getting into the habit of eating chocolate every day (I am sure the one-kid policy in China is creating many spoilt little boys who are getting as much chocolate as they want), there won’t be much left soon.

Anyone who knows basic economics knows that when the demand is high and the supply is low, the price will be high. So before the world is running out of chocolate, we will see a rise in the chocolate price. Great! I can’t wait! It’s about time we stop selling 500g chocolate blocks for less than a bottle of water (water should cost $0 anyway). No more super special on sugary chocolate! The price should become so high that everyone thought twice about buying one to share with the whole family. If I was a praying woman, I would sit down and pray the same thing would happen to the sugar supply in the near future. Because according to these Chocolate Experts the chocolate industry will slowly change their recipes to accommodate the cocoa bean shortage, with sweeter (wooot?) chocolates containing more biscuits, fruit and nuts (I guess more nuts is a good thing).The Experts also says the chocolates blocks will be smaller (yay!) in the future.

cocoabeansraw cocoabeanpods

Of course, these are predictions of the future and the world will only run out of chocolate if we keep eating chocolate at the same rate as we are currently doing (The experts says we would need the ­equivalent of another planet Earth to fill the gap needed to keep the chocolate ­industry going at the same rate as it is today). So if the consumption goes down (let’s all eat less chocolate shall we) and we ensure cocoa bean farmers gets paid what they deserve, to keep their plantations chocolate plantations rather than rubber plantations, we can keep Charlie’s Chocolate Factory running for more than just 7 more years (and a little fun fact for you as well; one of these Chocolate Experts named Mr Kennedy has tasted over 30.000 chocolates in his career, but had to stop last year due to health reasons…. I really wonder what on earth was wrong with him…)!

What can you do to make sure the world doesn’t run out of chocolate on the 2nd of October 2020? Well, for starters, you can stop filling your top drawer at work with little snack sized chocolate bars (swap them for nuts instead?), stop buying cheap and nasty chocolate and rather buy high quality, dark and Fair Trade chocolate and possible stop any Indian or Chinese you see on the street eating chocolate (just tell them they might get fat if they keep eating it). It’s a start! Let’s save the chocolate together, simply by eating less of it. As a bonus, you might just feel better for it too! You might loose a little weight, might not develop Type II Diabetes and might not ruin your teeth. I’ll take that bonus any day.

Help me save the world from running out of chocolate in only 7 years (!!) by sharing this article with the rest of the world.

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8 Responses to The World Is Running Out Of Chocolate!

  1. Amusing…but the economics of supply and demand means we will not run out of the stuff. As the demand goes up and supply drops the prices will increase and there will be more valuable to produce more cocoa…
    What we need to fight is an overabundance of crap cockies’! And yes I am looking at the overly sugared stuff in a purple packet.

    • Yes! No more crap cookies!

      What I love about this chocolate expert report is the very specific date we will run out 😉 But either way, let’s eat a little less crap chocolate 🙂

  2. “They” will probably foist the most awful synthetic brown stuff on us and call it chocolate and even purport that it is better for us at 2x the cost

  3. quoteofwhenever says:

    So, we have a new date for the end of the world then?

  4. OMG!!! This should be on the front page of every newspaper in the world! I wish I’d known to stock up on Belgian chocolates while I was there last week. I did buy a few boxes, but not nearly enough for the end of the chocolate world. 😦

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