Vegans Are Weird!

And that is of course just my personal opinion. I was reading an article yesterday about vegans and power lifting. Although I probably wouldn’t refer to the vegan girl in the article as a power lifter in any other sense then she lifts weights on a regular basis (the reason I am saying this is because her best efforts in squats was 72.5kgs and bench press was 55kgs – I have done (better than) that and I am s not a power lifter). But hey, that’s what she says she is, so I’ll leave it to her or the person who wrote the article to judge. Anyway, so the case was obviously ‘does vegans get enough protein?’

I said I think vegans are weird. Vegans don’t eat any animals or anything that comes from an animal and doesn’t wear anything made from animals. They are the type of people that wouldn’t have a cowhide on their floor or a kangaroo on their wall. They refuse to have soft boiled eggs for breakfast, milk in their coffee or steak for dinner. Or really warm and comfortable woollen long-johns when cross country skiing in a Norwegian winter (they must be crazy).They would go into shock mode if they saw what I am currently scoffing my face with – scrambled eggs with a little milk, warm smoked salmon and persian feta (don’t tell my Greek better half, I am only meant to eat Greek feta). And it is so yummy and so filling. A typical vegan breakfast on the other hand would be things like oatmeal with soy milk and a banana. Or a smoothie with lots of fruit, soy milk and some soy based protein powder. I think my body would react like this; wooooot? and then 30 minutes later; I’m hungry! Feed me! But I am sure it makes them happy and healthy!

Typical vegan diet

Typical vegan diet

People often question the protein in a vegan diet (and when I say diet I don’t mean ‘oh my god I have to lose 5kgs of fat in one week to fit into this dress if not I will die’ I mean a way of eating/a lifestyle) and according to this powerlifter chick it’s not a problem. She says ‘My main source of protein is soy products, beans, peas, lentils and nuts and seeds. Otherwise you get proteins from everything you eat as protein deficiency is not a problem in the western world. Soy products is, similar to that of meat and fish, full of high quality protein, so I often choose soy milk over other plant types.’ So a lot of soy is necessary it seems. You may have read what I wrote about soy a few months ago already, but look at it here if you wish. Well, I guess if you don’t have a problem with soy, this is a great way of getting enough protein.

The other problem, and this really is a problem, with a vegan diet is that you may risk getting vitamin B12 deficient unless you make sure you have a good supplement or take fortified food. Vitamin B12 is vital for the formation of red blood cells, as well as for the proper functioning and health of nerve tissue. If left untreated, vitamin B12 deficiency, also known as B12 deficiency, can lead to anemia, as well as nerve and brain damage, which may eventually become irreversible. So you want to get enough B12. Again she says she gets this from fortified soy milk (with added B12 that is – I really wonder where they get all this B12 they pump into vegan food? Do they make it in a lab? Do they steal it from eggs? Because then fortified soy milk is all of a sudden not vegan anymore…. I am just wondering.) or sometimes fortified oat milk. Same goes with vitamin D.

I have posted this one before too and find it very interesting. Are you vegan? Sure?

I have posted this one before too and find it very interesting. Are you vegan? Sure?

I don’t think I will ever understand vegans. As you know I grew up on a farm with happy cows. We also had happy rabbits when I grew up. And happy chickens and happy pigs. The cows were (and still are) out on the grass, running around enjoying themselves. The chickens went wherever they wanted and the rabbits did sometimes too (and every now and then the fox would enjoy a feast of chickens). The cows produce milk, the hens eggs and the rabbits are delish (it’s the reality of like guys, wake up). Look, happy cows;


Look, happy cows 🙂


But hey, maybe it’s me. Maybe I am the crazy one for enjoying eggs, fish, cheese and butter. But if that’s the case, I am more than happy to be crazy. I will never swap my yummy butter for some soy based fake spread that is marketed ‘the better choice, 100% natural and low fat’, because I simply don’t think fake food is better for you than natural food (you know how to make butter, right?). But that’s just me, I might be wrong and vegans might be right. I say yes to lots of vegetables and salads, but also yes to meat, fish, eggs, cheese and so on! What do you think? Any vegans who would like to change me?

In case you are wondering, the best foods for vitamin B12 are shellfish, beef liver, fish (especially mackerel), crab meat (no, not crab sticks), red meat (yes, happy cows), cow’s milk (still from happy cows), cheese (those happy cows you saw above) and eggs (not from happy cows, that would just be weird!). 

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21 Responses to Vegans Are Weird!

  1. I totally agree. Now I want a steak. Hehehe.

  2. Ice_Badger says:

    I read this eating my breakfast of boiled free range eggs (from my friends with chickens) wondering if, given everything that is derived from cows if it is even possible to be a vegan!
    I am with you on this… I don’t understand, ethical meat eggs etc and natural products are far more environmentally responsible and healthy!
    But you can’t argue logically with a vegan…I tried once…

  3. This made me laugh, especially as my next 21 day challenge is going to be raw vegan 🙂 Whilst I will inevitably go back to eating some (but not very much) good quality, ‘happy’ meat, fish and eggs ultimately, I do think that for some people being vegan suits them. Soy is not an advisable source of protein and I personally wouldn’t touch any soy products, but sprouted seeds and wheatgrass juice (I know – looks and tastes a bit gross but it is fine if you add it to a suitable smoothie) do contain a lot of protein, avocado is almost the perfect food and of course nuts and seeds are also fine – just not too much of them and they need to be balanced out with the right oils. B12 is a possible issue (although some say you can get it from algae products and others maintain it can be made in the gut) and I will be taking a good quality B12 supplement. Some raw/vegan food looks (and tastes) shite and I am not one for hair shirts, so I will be using some delicious recipes (already done lots of research in that direction :)) I think it’s all down to the individual – some do great on a fruitarian diet, for example (which I REALLY can’t get my head round!) and some do well on full on Paleo but it constipates the Hell out of me!! But I know I will be craving a steak in the coming month……

  4. katejtaylor says:

    I think you are making many assumptions about the reasons people may be vegan. There are many causes that drive a person to become vegan such as animal welfare (in which case limiting to eating only products from ‘happy’ animals could be an alternative, if only it were easy to reliably find such things), health (there are many studies which show how humans aren’t designed by nature to digest animal products, have a browse of the China Study if you need any more convincing of that) or for the environment (without going in to all the details – meat and diary production are one of the major causes of global depletion, see anything by Richard Oppenlander for more info on that). Vegans have opened their eyes to certain facts and truths about the food industry and have made a conscious choice not to contribute personally to these issues. They realise that the power to bring about change in the industry is exercised through their wallet and I say well done to them! I’m not a vegan, I’m a pescetarian who eats a minimal amount of fish and diary in an effort to help conservation of the environment (my reason of choice) but I have the absolute utmost respect for vegans who make the commitment to go the whole hog, so to speak 🙂

    • Of course, I have full respect for anyone choosing to be vegan, and as I said, this is just my opinion and brought to a head. I am aware of the ethical and health based reasons for why people choose this lifestyle. As I said, maybe I am the weird one for eating butter and steak? 🙂

      Thank you for reading and taking your time to leave me a comment!

  5. Katherine says:

    I’ve always wanted to live on a farm. My typical breakfast consists of eggs, meat (sausages, ham, etc), rice, oj, etc. Sometimes french toast or anything slathered in butter. I tried the vegan diet before, and it wasn’t for me.

  6. Tristen Tan says:

    What was the point of writing this article? You have stated that you think vegans are weird and at the same time question that you might be the weird one? It appears like you are just talking for the sake of talking here.

    I don’t think I could put it better than katejtaylor who brought my attention to this post and encouraged me to share my thoughts on the matter. I also don’t think I’m going to be as diplomatic as she was in sharing my thoughts.

    All I want to do here is advise that maybe it would have been a better idea to spend the half an hour or so you took to write this post researching the many reasons why vegans do what they do rather than writing about your confusion about why they do it.

    In regards to the picture of ‘Products made from cattle’, I offer you this: if a Vegan measured the impact of their efforts to refrain from eating animals and using animal product by the amount of animals not killed for their benefit, amount of suffering reduced for animals sent to slaughter, the environmental impact of raising livestock for food or the socioeconomic impact etc, would they be doing a good thing if they achieved a small result in any of these areas? Would they be doing it selflessly and for the sake of others? Would they be doing more good than most others even while they slept? Being a Vegan isn’t about clinically not touching anything that may have had something to do with the death of an animal, it’s about a reduction in the greater implications that killing animals for our own benefit has on others and this Earth.

    All this post did for me was point out your ignorance to the facts and lack of compassion towards those trying to make a difference in this world. Please educate yourself more before proclaiming that a set of human beings are weird simply because they have different values to your own that you clearly don’t understand.

    I don’t mean to come across overly harsh here and if I have then I apologise however I find this type of attitude towards others akin to secularism, racism, sexism etc. Replace the subject of this post with “Christians” or “Muslims”, point out the reasons why you find their beliefs weird and wait for the rain of criticism and hatred.

    • I do also happen to think that both Muslims and Christians are weird in their own ways. If you read the post with a sense of humour (and also read a few of me older posts on various subjects), you will see that I am quite educated and also a very compassionate human being. But I appreciate your feedback and that you feel like you know me after reading a few hundred words I’ve written.

      And for the record, I know that I am very lucky to come from a small farm in Norway, rather than a massive meat production line in say the US or in Australia. I am not ignorant to the fact that not all cows live happy lives.

      Thanks for taking your time to read and comment 🙂

      • tristentan says:

        Thanks posting my comment. I’m replying to your last comment in the interest of not leaving this with you thinking that I believe you to be a terrible person as I am sure you are very kind and caring. I merely wished to challenge you to think about the sentiment of your post and what others may read into it. What does it inspire and what what does it perpetuate?

        Feel free to write up a post on why you think Muslims and Christians are weird as I would be interested to see what kind of response you get.

        Disclaimer: I’m writing this all with a tone of healthy debate without condescension or aggression.

      • It inspired you to stand up for Vegans and spread the word of why vegans choose to be vegans, which is great 🙂

  7. lisa says:

    lol. That is all.

  8. I agree, once you look into it it is impossible to be a pure vegan or a pure Christian or a pure Muslim. That is proably why all these people are so awkward when it comes to their faith being questioned, they know they will have to give ground. I thought your article was funny and it made me laugh. I have recently switched to buying organic milk for my coffee because I read about the mistreatment of non-organic cattle. I will probably only buy organic meat from now on, if free-range is not ethical enough. Cheers!

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