Fat Facts ~ 66% of Australian Males Are Overweight Or Obese

And here’s more great fat facts for you:

  • 55 percent of adult females are overweight or obese.
  • One in four children are overweight or obese.
  • Children’s energy outputs have dropped by 650 calories in the past 50 years (equivalent to about three hours of walking).
  • 40 percent of children do not play organised sports.
  • It is estimated that if current trends continue, 80 percent of all Australian adults will be overweight or obese by 2020.
  • A minimum 140 Australians die prematurely every day from obesity-related disease.

 Source: Obesity Prevention Australia.

In case you missed it, it says that 1 in 4, that’s 25% of kids are overweight OR obese. If you have a classroom with 30 kids, 7.5 of them will be on the chubby side of the scale and they are just kids!!! That is crazy!

And also in case you missed the last fact (and this is not fun facts guys, this is hard core, wake up and and do something about your health fro crying out loud facts); A minimum of 140 Australians die prematurely every day(!!!) from obesity-related disease. That’s 980 per week. Or 50,960 in a year. Just because you’re fat and don’t do anything about your health before it’s too late. That’s half an Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) full of dead people and they only died because they just couldn’t be asked looking after the one body they were given. Wake up people!

This is MCG if you are wondering. About half of these people die because they are fat every year!

This is MCG if you are wondering. About half of these people die because they are fat every year! Picture is linked.

So, one thing is being an adult and looking after yourself and ruining your own health. But it is something completely different to be a parent and looking after kids and completely ruining their health. It’s child abuse. You need to wake up, take responsibility and make sure you are teaching your kids what to eat and how important physical activity is. Kids these days are propped full of sugar and then left to play computer games. Yes, of course you are going to get fat doing that! And if this is what you where taught when you were a kid, chances are you will keep doing this as an adult and teach your kids the same things (if you a) actually are healthy enough to have kids or b) don’t die of obesity-related diseases before you get that far). Do something about your health today!

In an Australian study vets also found that 40% of dogs in Australian homes are overweight or obese. Almost half of our dogs are fat! Do you see many animals in the wild that are fat? Why do you think this is? What are we feeding out dogs?

Why do I care you might think, isn’t it just up to every single one of us to decide what they want to do with their health. Well, yes, that might sound ok, but it’s costing Australia a fair bit having all these fat people around. Access Economics estimates the total financial cost to Australia of obesity went from $3.7 billion in 2005 to a whopping $8.2 billion in 2008. I don’t even want to think what the number is in 2013! But if that wasn’t enough cash right there, if you also count the indirect costs such as lost productivity and quality of life we’re talking $58.2 billion (still talking 2008 dollars here). So no, it’s not just up to you if you want to be obese, sick and unhealthy, in need of medical attention and unable to work to support yourself. You are then costing your country a shed load of $$$!


I am all for introducing fat taxes. But not only the added tax on high sugar food and fast foods! No, I think we should also be taxed higher if our waist circumference exceeds a certain number. It should be each employers responsibility (with massive help from the right governmental instances) to measure every employee every year and their pay should be taxed thereafter. If you are getting fatter and fatter, your tax rate will get higher and higher.  And the opposite of course. On top of that employers should support and encourage gym memberships, lunch training and other physical activity and there should be compulsory nutritional seminar on a quarterly basis in all work places. If you’re fat, you have to pay for it! That should encourage plenty of people to have a second look at what they eat on a daily basis!


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5 Responses to Fat Facts ~ 66% of Australian Males Are Overweight Or Obese

  1. Sorry – another comment! I’m not stalking you, honestly, it’s just that all these health problems we have worldwide worry me, too, and not just as an individual. You see most people looking dull and tired, even if they are not actually overweight, which is, of course, a whole other ballgame. The problem is that our nutritional education (ie what is on the media and from so-called health professionals) is often so watered down and mostly just plain wrong!! Sugar is the biggest culprit and refined grain and carbs but they are SO addictive. But the food industry and drugs companies are generally (financially) OK with that, so no motivation to talk about or help with addiction to sugar and all the health problems it brings about. Also, even if very sick people are advised not to eat sugar, I know (from frustrating experience!!) that they often are so attached to what they eat (or drink), they think they are powerless to do anything. What I can’t understand is that even when people are practically dead, they just can’t let go and would rather take all sorts of chemical concoctions than fresh vegetables!! WHY?????? (I just had to get that out – I feel better now! 🙂 ) BUT (on a more positive note) I do think the huge amount of health blogs and films like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead help to spread the message – plus the fact many health advocates now don’t look like weird hippies that mainstream finds difficult to take seriously!!

    • If this is stalking then keep it up, I love your comments! I love everything you say here! I am sure you hva read my blogs on sugar before as well?! And you know something is wrong with the world when Coca Cola and Pfizer is sponsoring Diabetes conferences…

      We just have to keep spreading the word and talk to as many people as possible, and hopefully one day the tide will turn and we will go back to eating real food instead of fake food! 🙂

  2. piratebobcat says:

    We’ve got some pretty hefty folks here in the States too…especially in the South where I live. Yowza!

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