But She Wasn’t Dead!

The last week has been pretty flat out with starting a new job and moving house (again) and also managing to visit a couple of new babies and going to a barbecue. So, there just wasn’t enough time and energy to get blogging. But now I’m back stronger than ever, with a new kitchen to cook in and share new recipes with you, a new (old) neighbourhood to train in and share workouts with you and a new job to find more inspiration from. Stay tuned!

Push Up Challenge post will come a little later today so you’ll be prepared for next week. I also read about a planking challenge today, that might be next up I think! A strong core is always useful, especially when doing pushups (and when sitting at your desk all day)! I’m always up for a challenge, are you?

So, moving house, again! Got another great workout Friday when walking up and down the stairs a million (or at least a hundred) times. And when you’re a shorty like me, putting stuff away in the kitchen is a pretty good workout too, because I have to climb up on a step to reach the top shelves! Strong legs anyone? We’ve pretty much got everything into place (after all I am a professional mover by now, this was move number 18!), just a few more things that needs to be organised in the study, but before I can do that, we need to buy a storage unit or two (you can never have too much storage!). So, that’s what I am planning on doing today, running around and getting organised (I am not a big fan of not being organised!) for next week. What are you doing?


My new funky giraffe – can’t not smile when looking at him!


Living in the tree tops!

I will be back later today! Hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday wherever you are and whatever you are doing 🙂

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