Planning The Week Ahead!

Don’t you just hate throwing away food? I do, can’t stand it. It’s such a waste, not just for myself and my money, but for the world in general. Did you know that about half (half!!) of the world’s produce gets thrown away. Not just by consumers who buy food and end up not eating it, but by supermarkets, wholesalers and producers as well. That’s a lot of food, especially when there are so much talk about how little food we are producing and how many people around the world are not getting any food at all. Therefore, plan your food, write a list and go shopping. And then, wait for it, wait for iiiiiiiiiit, you cook and you eat!

Here I think this marvellous quote fits in (I think Winston Churchill said this, he was a pretty smart man):


So, how do you do this planning thing? You try not to make it too complicated. You don’t find the most amazing recipes you have always wanted to try from Donna Hay (we are talking fast and easy weeknight dinners here). You don’t find recipes that require 30 different types of fresh herbs. You need to; Keep.It.Simple. That is key. The simpler the better. There is a reason why Meat&2Veg is one of the most popular dinners around the world (or maybe that’s just in Norway?!). It’s simple, tasty and full of nutrition. Especially if you mix up the vegies every night and possibly add some rice/potatoes/pasta if that’s your thing. Doesn’t sound to complicated does it?

My plan this week (that already failed because I went to Aldi to do my groceries this afternoon and they didn’t have half of the stuff I needed, so I need to do more shopping! Make sure you go to a supermarket that stocks everything you need. So tonight, I am just being creative with some chicken, mushrooms, bacon, onion and sour cream. Sounds yummy doesn’t it?!) is pretty straight forward;

  • Monday ~ Low-Carb Cheesy Pizza (no, not anymore, I am now having chicken something)
  • Tuesday ~ Chicken and Coconut Stew 
  • Wednesday ~ Baked Cauliflower with Chicken and Sour Cream
  • Thursday ~ Salad topped with Tunamix (got no better name for it…)
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~ No plans, because I will probably not be home

I can’t plan weekends, because they never end up being what I thought they would be. So, I’ve figured if I don’t shop for the weekends, I avoid throwing away a lot of food (I always have more time for shopping/cooking on weekends anyway). Also, if you make sure you make a lot, you can always bring some for lunch the following day, so you’ll save the time for extra cooking or you’ll save the extra money spent on lunch. It’s a winner!

That doesn’t look to hard does it? Have fun planning and making lists (I love lists!)! 🙂

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16 Responses to Planning The Week Ahead!

  1. Helen says:

    I love lists! I also plan my food so I can shop for what I’m actually going to cook. It saves money and saves waste, and also avoids that groaning “can’t decide what to have for dinner” problem which usually results in wanting something where you don’t have all the ingredients. Meal planning is the way forward!

  2. Raj says:

    An instant mix of planning and food. Great Ashild 🙂

  3. Ha ha – we have the same planning techniques! I always plan Monday to Thursday and I know the weekend will sort it self out! Plus, I always cook large portions so that I have enough for lunch the next day, or we have one evening (usually Thursday) that is left-over day! It has really cut down throwing away food! 🙂

  4. Me says:

    I love menu planning! The whole family gets involved and it makes shopping so much easier. Gas is saved by going to the store once instead of every day (yes, there are folks in my life who go every day)! Sometimes I make a double batch of whatever I am cooking and pop half in the freezer when I want a night off from cooking.

    • I know plenty of people who go every day (they must be crazy!). And yes, cook massive portions of the one-pot dinners especially (daal and similar things), makes lunch/busy nights a breeze!

  5. wentlooking says:

    Planning meals before shopping does save a lot of money and prevents waste! One other thing I do to save money and eat healthier is make a big batch of something over the weekend that can be used as lunch for at least a few days so I can bring my cheaper, healthier lunch to work rather than buy something in the cafeteria or at a fast food restaurant as many of my other co-workers do. Plus it is tastier! 🙂

  6. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real says:

    Love that saying! It’s so true- when I don’t plan my meals, I end up spending more money and eating more garbage during the week.

  7. loulouloves says:

    We do the same thing over here. Plan for 5 meals then order the food (we don’t have a car) then we try our best to stick to it. Unfortunately, we still end up throwing food up, we really need to work on this too..

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