What Inspirational Pictures Should Look Like

I love these, they are just too funny! What do you think??

inspo9 inspo8 inspo7 inspo6 inspo5 inspo4 inspo3 inspo2 inspo1

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Photos from here.

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21 Responses to What Inspirational Pictures Should Look Like

  1. Gwennie says:

    *chuckles* I think the redone way is the inspirational messages. *grins*

  2. Ice_Badger says:

    These are much healthier messages 🙂

  3. This is amazing! I’ve been hating those stupid f*king so called “Inspirational pics” since they started circulating my Facebook newsfeed about a year ago. Being happy with yourself means that you achieve the goals you’ve set, not the goals others’ve set for you.

  4. 52milespermonth says:

    amazeballs. love this and everything here is so true. I definitely enjoyed the cookie.

  5. katyhancock says:

    I just saw these and really love them 🙂 We need more things like this out there

  6. zibitblogs says:

    LOVE these! So much better than the originals.

  7. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real says:

    I love these! “inspirational” quotes can actually make you feel worse about yourself- we are human and cannot expect perfection.

  8. DE says:

    Real messages for real people. Awesome!
    Inspiration is individual. These original messages are not.
    Love the inspirational graffiti

  9. I would add f&@k the scales too!

  10. josieb222 says:

    These need to go all over the internet! Pinterest! Facebook! Twitter! Girls these days need to see them

  11. improvartz says:

    Haha! Funny! When I clicked the post, I definitely was not expecting that first one. Did you make any of them? :p

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