Omelette ~ The Most Versatile Food Ever!

I could easily eat omelette for breakfast every day. Or for lunch of even for dinner. Probably not all of them every day, that might be an egg overdose even for me, but seriously, few things are as full of nutrients as eggs and can be used with so many different ingredients. Only your imagination will limit the choices you have around your humble breakfast omelette!

This morning I had a simple, yet so delicious omelette with only a few ingredients;

Eggs, milk, spinach, Jarlsberg cheese, butter, salt and pepper (I also had half an avocado with aioli on the side).

Put a lottle (that’s the same as a little, except it’s a lot) of butter in the frying pan and add a couple of handfuls of baby spinach, salt and pepper and let it wilt a little while you whisk the eggs with a little milk. Then pour the eggs over the spinach and add a few slices of jarlsberg cheese on top and a little more salt and pepper if you like. Put a lid on it and wait a few minutes until it’s cooked. If you want avocado on the side, put a dash of aioli in the middle and a little pepper on top. Nomnomnom! So simple and so tasty AND so filling.

IMG_7663 IMG_7667

You can of course choose to have this with a slice of toast, but that’s highly unnecessary ad you will be so full that there’s no room for toast!

Some other omelette favourites include, always with eggs, milk, butter, salt and pepper. Or you can use cream instead of milk or skip the dairy completely;

Bacon (that’s all folks)! Or you can add onion too.

Mushrooms, chicken, feta cheese and oregano.

Salami, onion, capsicum, mushroom, olives and fresh chilli.

Jarslberg and blue cheese (this one is extremely filling).

Spinach, mushrooms, cheese and bacon.

Zucchini, onion, salami, spring onion and feta cheese.

Plain omelette with mustard tuna on top folded over when cooked.

Prawns, garlic, chilli and parsley.

Does any of these combinations tickle your fancy? What’s your favourite omelette combination? Share yours in the comments below!

Enjoy your LCHF breakfast/lunch/dinner and make sure you do something active your body will benefit from today! Have an amazing Sunday 🙂

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21 Responses to Omelette ~ The Most Versatile Food Ever!

  1. I don’t know, buddy…looks a little knarley.

    • As I had no idea what knarley meant I looked it up;
      1. knarley
      sweet, hardcore, rebellious, radical…
      :dude i just backflipped of a 200 ft building :awesome that was so KNARLEY

      So, I’m guessing my omelette is one or all of the above 😉

  2. maybe a little salsa will help.

  3. OMG. I love eggs. You have done them justice here!

  4. Mary says:

    I’ll definitely have to try your version – looks delish and healthy 😉

  5. LFFL says:

    Oh my how lovely that looks!

  6. Looks so delicious! yumm

  7. 30fatsingle says:

    I love eggs so much! They are the perfect food! I’m not a huge fan of omelettes though … but when I have one, I like spinach, mushroom, and cheese. Or, green pepper, mushroom and cheese 🙂

  8. bruceky says:

    Omelettes, eggs, just amazingly versatile, so simple yet one of my favorite things ever and the first thing I was taught how to cook when I was a child. Great combinations you’ve listed too, maybe a little shaved parmigiano reggiano might go well either garnished on top or in with the mix for me if it’s in the fridge.

    I’m a fan of the range from the traditional to the fritatta but now living in Asia, one of my favorites here is either an oyster omelette or muscle omelette which you can find in a crispy style or a thick style served in a sizzling hot pan 🙂

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    certainly, thanks in your sweat!

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