I Love Food. Food That Others Are Scared Of.

I recently met this girl. She looks tired, she has dark shadows under her eyes. Her hair is falling out. Her limbs are in pain, she has aches and pains. Her stomach is often sore. Her skin is grey. She has no energy, is struggling to concentrate. She is not strong and has no natural glow. She can go whole days only drinking coffee. She is scared of food.

Have you ever spoken to someone who’s scared of food? It’s quite challenging. Especially when it’s your responsibility to try explain to them food is good for you. It’s important to you. It gives (or at least it should give) you all the nutrients you need to build and support your body. It gives you energy to live, work, exercise, laugh and enjoy life. Food is fuel. But food is also so much more than that. Food is socialising, food is culture, food is passion. It is happiness, it’s tasty and it’s comforting. Food is (or at least it should be) an important part of your life. Food should not be something you are scared of. It should be something you love and enjoy. Something you look forward to. It should be a nice part of your day – like sitting down for a family dinner or sharing a cheeky homemade ice cream with your husband. Food should be joyful.

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It’s hard for me to imagine at this point in my life having a problem with food (although I have been open with you that I have earlier). I love food. I love cooking wholesome, full-fat, natural dinners. I love sharing food with loved ones and cooking up a feast. I love going out for dinner with friends and family. I love waking up in the morning knowing that I am going to eat my favourite breakfast in minutes (I have many favourites though). I love the smell, the flavours, the textures and the energy it gives me. I love food (REAL food) – with passion.

But this girl that I just met, she is scared of food. She is scared of becoming fat. She is terrified of bread (and other carbs in general). She doesn’t have any fats in her diet, apart from a spoon or two of yoghurt  every morning. And then coffee. And if she has to eat dinner it is fish and salad. Yoghurt, fish and salad are great foods, but if this is all you eat (and only a few times per week), then you should probably look at yourself and ask ‘Have I got a problem?’. It really does upset me speaking to people who doesn’t like food or are constantly worried about eating. Imagine if all you think about all day is food, but not the delicious dinner you are going to cook or the cheese you are looking forward having Friday night or the Christmas lunch that always is the best part of the holiday. Instead all you are thinking about is all the food you can’t have. You think about the food that will make you fat. The food that will make you ugly. You are thinking about the control you have over the food and the control that gives you over your body. Food is not your friend, food is the enemy. You should never spend quality time with you enemy. You are scared of food. It takes over your whole life. Coffee is your friend, not food.


How does this make you feel? How would it affect your life if you were scared of food? When was the last time you spoke to someone close to you who are scared of food?

Help me spread the love. The love for food. The passion for tasty, natural, good for you food that will only benefit you, your energy, your skin, your hair, your cells, your bones, your concentration and your natural glow. Love food for food’s sake and for your own health and happiness. Food is good – not evil.

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14 Responses to I Love Food. Food That Others Are Scared Of.

  1. I grew up in a family that spoke like you and spelled like you. My grandfather was born in England and my grandmother was born in Canada.
    They were terrific! Seeing “favorite” spelled with a “u” and yogurt with an “h”, plus saying one was “scared” of something (vs. “Afraid” of something) caused me to stop and have fond memories. Thank you for that! Just being yourself. They, too, were fond of healthy, full-calorie meals and I was brought up this way. It is a very nostalgic thing for me to remember them in this way. They have gone on to their reward.
    Are you from similar roots

  2. Poppy says:

    It is such a difficult topic. I have seen a documentary of children suffering of cibophobia, they are scared of food practically from birth, and it is a very serious condition. They usually end up only eating one type of “food” such as chocolate or candy, and their parents are told by the therapist, that they should look at these kind of meals as calories their children eventually intake. And they should be happy that there is at least something the kids are willing to eat, because that is the first step to make them eat other things. There was a girl, who went to the therapist, and after months and months of treatments she was able to eat a piece of a toast. She was very brave. But I can tell you, these children didn’t look healthy at all…
    Of course the girl you described probably is more concerned about her figure, than is driven by fear, she might have anorexia? It is all so terrible, I hope she will get some help soon.
    Me cannot imagine not looking forward eating either. In the night, when I go to sleep, I am looking forward waking up, having my morning caffe latte and my breakfast. At work I am looking forward to lunch break. On the way home I am planning the dinner I am going to make for my family. I try to eat and cook healthy too, and I found that healthy makes it even more tasty and enjoyable. And it leaves space for some sins, like the Friday night candy, while watching Disney show with the children and my husband.
    And every time I come over to your blog, I get hungry… thanks for that 🙂
    I hope this girl will find help and will discover the wonders of food soon!

  3. This is such a sad post 😦
    Makes me realise we are lucky to be able to make good choices without it ruining our daily lives. I though I had food issues but after reading this I feel l like I’m not so bad.

  4. 30fatsingle says:

    Sounds like anorexia … sad. My bf is not anorexic, but doesn’t eat regularly … he can go days without eating and it doesn’t even bother him, which is very frustrating for me because every few hours, I’m like “I’m hungry! Let’s eat!” lol.

  5. audfashion says:

    Oh that is very sad about the girl. 😦

  6. Sometimes I’ve thought that food and I may have to go get a room..luckily it’s never gotten that far. Love food!

  7. Marnelli says:

    I love food and everything that comes with it. I sometimes do feel guilty that I indulge myself a bit too much but I don’t think I can imagine living my life being scared of food. It would be hard. It would probably be hard for me to be friends with someone who is scared of food – mostly because socialisation usually calls for food, right?

  8. thinhungrygirl says:

    couldn’t agree more with you! like many people posting here, i can never quite get my head around people not enjoying food or seeing it as a pleasurable experience; we often chat about food at work and, whereas i’ll go home and spend 30mins-1hour enjoying the process of cooking and eating, they’re more than happy to stick something in the microwave. bring on the revolution where it’s a good thing to eat, and to eat well 🙂

  9. livingwithmuchness says:

    See, this is why I like your blog. There’s so much anxiety out there around food. So many different diets and so many bloody self righteous health experts. I love the perspective of just enjoying life – appreciating good food and appreciating a great work out. It’s balanced and it’s wonderful!

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