Low Carb Down Under Melbourne 2013

As you all know I went to the annual Low Carb Down Under seminar last Saturday. I was planning on sharing some newfound knowledge, but I actually don’t think there was too much ‘new’ as I have read so many of the books and blogs and research all the speakers were talking about, but it was still really interesting. And it is always good to revisit things you’ve learnt, because then you are more likely to remember it. Also, if you teach it to someone, you are faaaaaar more likely to remember it.

So all I am going to do is a bit of name dropping and give you a few names of books, blogs and other things to look into if you are curious to learn more about LCHF living.

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Dr Zeeshan Arain – was having a very scientific talk on if everyone should be on a ketogenic diet, where your body runs on ketones. And when I say very, I mean very. He started off the seminar at 9AM on a Saturday, my brain was so not ready to get hit by slide after slide after slide of tiny figures and numbers and other things I don’t even know what is. But hey, he is a doctor and he knows what he is talking about and he actually just explained how the body uses energy. It was just a little too early for my little brain cells to follow. He also explained how to reach nutritional ketosis, by eating as little as 30-50grams of carbs per day. In addition you should eat 1-1.5grams of protein per kilo bodyweight and fat until you’re full – there’s no limit. Dr Zee also showed us pin-up pictures of himself, before and after LCHF. Let’s just say it’s working very well for him. Google him to read more.

Dr Peter Brukner – was discussing if athletes can eat LCHF and win. The short answer here is yes (and you might have read my two posts on this before and on soccer players and cross country skiers). Dr Brukner is a big fan of Tim Noakes (name drop, this mean you should definitely check out Tim Noaks, has he written anything, does he have any podcasts and so on…). He has been Liverpool’s doctor and he is currently the Australian Cricket Team’s doctor (and we can go on to a discussion whether cricket players actually are athletes or not… tea breaks… really…), so he does know what he is talking about. Dr Brukner presented us with a few case studies of a few cricketers who have found interest in LCHF lifestyle and they have basically all; lost weight, lost bodyfat percentage, got rid of injuries, increased fitness levels, stopped taking drugs and so on. Let’s just say it’s working for them. Oh and for Dr Brukner himself too. Check out the movie Cereal Killers on YouTube by the way. And Dr Brukner’s website.

Christine Cronau – I am a big fan of Christine and her message to the world that saturated fat is actually good for us and we have been fooled to believe otherwise for the last 100 years. Early 1900s the obesity and heart disease epidemic shot in the air while the sugar consumption sky rocketed and the saturated fat intake went downhill… Coincidence? I think not. Christine’s family of four eat over 2 kilos of butter every week on top of the other fat they eat weekly. No, they are not all morbidly obese and suffering from various illnesses. They are perfectly healthy, happy and not overweight at all. Get her book The Fat Revolution and read it for yourself. Also like her on Facebook Page for daily updates.

Dr Troy Stapleton – got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (that’s right, Type 1, not 2) as an adult and was educating us on how he is managing this with a LCHF lifestyle. He also pointed out to us that there is no carbohydrate deficiency disease. Zero, zilch, nada, it does not exist. But, you need both fat and protein for survival…. Interesting isn’t it. Our body is a very well functioning hybrid engine that can run on sugar (glucose) and fat (ketones), but maybe it actually works a little better on ketones than it does on glucose. It will of course take you a few weeks to adapt from burning sugar 24/7 to burning fat, so in this transition period I understand how people may have a little doubt. But after the transition, your engine will run like it never has before on pure fat! Try it!

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Grant Schofield – Professor of Public Health – mentioned you should read the book ‘Diabetes Epidemic & You’ by Joseph R. Kraft. Grant was talking about inflammation, insulin resistance and how high insulin levels have direct correlation to cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and diabetes (the last one is pretty known to us already). Check out his website here where you can also find the talk he gave on on Saturday. Enjoy.

David Gillespie – didn’t talk about sugar for once (not that I do mind the least listening to Mr Gillespie talking about sugar), but all about polyunsaturated fat and how we get way too much of it these days compared to what we are build for. I read Gillespie’s book Toxic Oil when it first came out and can highly recommend it. Good read. That will make a lot more sense to you than if I try to retell the story here.

Dr Gary Fettke – is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who refuses to operate on people with a BMI over 35. I already like this guy. He has his own blog as well, check it out here. He is also the medical expert for Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar programme. As a Dr he was telling us how terrible it is how doctors completely lack nutritional education, yet still give nutritional advice to sick people. Agreed. Books mentioned; Death By The Food Pyramid and  Pure, White and Deadly. Go on, get some reading done.

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Always save the best for last they say: I can’t wait to go to the movies mid 2015 to see That Sugar Film! Check out the teaser here.  Super-duper excited! Keep your eye out for this one. It should be showed in all school in the country, no hold on, in the universe!

That’s the 8 hours long day in short. There were a few more people joining in on panels as well who added interesting facts on various foods, habits and so on (book mentioned; The Art & Sciense of Low Carb Living). Let’s just say we need to be more than just one room full of people next year, so book it in your calendar already now. You want and need to learn more about LCHF living. But don’t wait for next year to do your own research. Come back here shortly 🙂

I hope this guided you to a few resources on the Low Carb Living that will help you become a healthier, happier you 🙂 Also, go to YouTube and type in Low Carb Down Under and you will find plenty of stuff for your brain to enjoy.

Phui, that was a handful. Now I am going to cook something in butter 🙂 Happy Tuesday 🙂

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4 Responses to Low Carb Down Under Melbourne 2013

  1. sugarfreelee says:

    I simply can not wait to see Damon’s film! His blog through his sugar experiment was hilarious, informative and really really upsetting and sad. Thanks for posting this Ashild, I wish I was at the seminar!!

  2. Bella says:

    Hei, Åshild! Jeg har sent deg en e-post. 🙂

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