What To Do On A Rainy Day In Melbourne?

It’s another typical Melbourne weather day and we all talk about the weather and complain about the weather and never seem to stop being surprised about how quickly the weather changes. It just never gets old how it can be 38 degrees and sunny one day and pissing down raining hailing and 15 degrees the next day (or just 20 minutes later). Welcome to Melbourne, we quite often have four season in a day! Just get used to it (I thought I had been hardened up by living in Norway for the first 22 years of my life, but obvisuoly we forget quite easily!) and embrace it.


Being all angry about the weather won’t help you much


On the positive side I won’t get as sweaty as after a session at Olympian Gym in Crete after working out today!

I am glad on these days though that I work indoors. It makes my life a lot easier! Right now I am actually still at work, but I have finished for the day and I am planning on doing a workout. Because according to myself, that is the best way of getting though a rainy day in Melbourne. It brightens your day, gives you energy and plenty of lovely, happy endorphines. You just can’t be grumpy after a workout. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Today. It’s actually been a while since I’ve been fronting my fave motto Something Every Day. Just get out there (or stay indoors) and so something physical every day. I can guarantee you you will feel so much better for it.

As per usual I am on yet another challenge (you may have been following me through the push up challenge – my knuckles are still pretty tough!), this time challenged by a fellow PT and old college. He again was challenged by his boss and so on. And who am I to say no to a challenge? That would just be silly wouldn’t it?! I am two weeks in already and have got six weeks to go (and Christmas is smack bang in the middle there!!) and it’s a weight training challenge. Because weight training usually isn’t what I priorities the highest (I always do two sessions per week, but then running, yoga and other things will get in the way of more weights), I thought this would be good. So, this is how it goes (and yes, before you say anything, it is a pretty crazy challenge towards the end and I have decided to be really good at listening to my body, espeically the last two weeks!! If I need a rest day I will have a rest day);

Make a 4 split program; legs/glutes, chest/tris/shoulders, back/bis and core.

  • Week 1-2; Train every second day
  • Week 3-4; Train every day
  • Week 5-6; Train every day, but AM and PM every second day
  • Week 7-8: Train AM and PM every day.

Then lets just say I am going to have a little rest. It will be very interesting to see how my body reacts to this! I am already stronger, so that is always fun! I’ll let you know how I go, but won’t be posting anything constant about it. This is a challenge I would only recommend for people who are already training quite a bit and just want a change.

Aaaaanyways, now it’s almost sunny outside. Yay! After my workout, I am actually going to the butcher to get some chicken livers. Because I am going to make chicken liver pate this afternoon. I have decided I need to eat a little more offal (more means I actually will eat some, compared to nothing) and liver pate is my favourite, so wish me luck! If it turns out good, I will definitely share the recipe!


No, I haven’t forgotten it’s almost Christmas and this is my workout environment today! Love it!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

image (2) image (1)

Who else is doing their Something Every Day today??

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9 Responses to What To Do On A Rainy Day In Melbourne?

  1. Joanne Baxas says:

    It ain’t training if it ain’t raining – lunchtime run 7km – in the hail and thunder.

  2. Ice_Badger says:

    not raining in the UK for once…but literally freezing…so indoors gymnastics class for me 🙂

  3. piratebobcat says:

    That baby is the thing of nightmares!

  4. improvartz says:

    I’ll be cheering you on for this next challenge you mentioned. 🙂 Nothing like making sunshine out of a rainy day.

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