Have Yourself A Little Bit Of Christmas

Everyone knows it’s not really Christmas unless it’s a white Christmas, but I do my best to get a little bit of Christmas Spirit anyway. I went to the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar last weekend, that helped a little bit. A bunch of kids gave me a Pointsettia for teaching them about exercise and healthy eating habits (it fascinates me how a native Mexican plant has turned into the Christmas flower around the world…) and that helped a little bit too. And today I put up my Christmas Tree (last year I had white sticks, this year I went for red ones) with a few new decorations from my favourite shop in St Kilda, the House of Around Clocks! They got so much cool, random stuff including hand painted ornaments from Poland and quirky German decorations. So I thought I’d share a little Christmas spirit with you guys, so here you go. Have yourself a little bit of Christmas.

IMG_7740 IMG_7746 IMG_7747 IMG_7749 IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7756 IMG_7758 IMG_7759 IMG_7762 IMG_7764


At least this reminds me that summer and Christmas goes hand in hand at this end of the world. Although this summer hasn’t been very impressive so far… Fingers crossed it will only get colder so I can have a white Christmas 🙂 🙂 🙂

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2 Responses to Have Yourself A Little Bit Of Christmas

  1. No white Christmases in Australia, alas and alack. After seeing all the dreadful weather reports in USA right now, I am not sure that a white Christmas is all it is cracked up to be anyway!

  2. awoni3 says:

    So pretty! Feeling all Christmassy now 🙂

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