New Year’s Resolution #1 ~ Be Better At Single Tasking

I never just do one thing at a time anymore. Like right now, I just pushed play on “New York I love you” on Netflix and I am watching it with one eye as I am typing. I also know I will probably occasionally stop typing because I remember things I need to get from the supermarket afterwards. Oh and I just checked Facebook and updated my status because I liked the Google Doodle today (which I discovered because I had to google a spell check…). I always eat my dinner while I watch TV (and probably check Facebook or my emails at the same time). I will also send SMSs or read articles while resting between sets when I lift weights or watch a YouTube video while running on the treadmill. I check the news while being on the phone to friends and family (really, it’s not very nice, I should give them all my attention, not just 70%) and I constantly google things I ‘need’ to know straight away. Why do we always need to pick up the phone to take pictures, check in and tag the people we are out having dinner with, instead of just enjoying their company?

So, I want to get better at focusing on one thing at a time in 2014. Of course, there are heaps of situations where multitasking is great, but in situations where it isn’t then I want to be focused on the one thing I am doing. I guess this is what people call mindfulness as well. Paying all you attention to the person you are having dinner with and on actually enjoying the meal, rather than everything else. It probably won’t be very easy, but I shall do my best! 

I also need to figure out what the correct way of writing singletasking is, because you find all ways such as singe tasking and single-tasking as well. Any grammatical experts who can help?

This is just one of many goals for 2014. I am not completely finished writing them all out yet, but there’s plenty of good things to happen this year! I’ll share some more with you soon. What are your resolutions and goals for the new year? You know if you write it out your goals and share them with someone, you are more likely to achieve them? If you need some help on setting SMART goals, check out this post.  

Happy new Year

All that’s left for me to do is wishing you all a  Happy and Healthy New Year filled with lots of love, laughter and happiness. I look forward to sharing it with you 🙂


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4 Responses to New Year’s Resolution #1 ~ Be Better At Single Tasking

  1. Bella says:

    Haha, jeg kjenner meg selv igjen i multitasking. Jeg pleier å bruke mobilen mens jeg ser på film, men nå har jeg begynt å legge den langt vekk slik at jeg ikke rekker den – og det funker!

    Kan du skrive et innlegg om trening for nybegynnere? Et av målene mine er å finne treningsgleden som har vært så å si borte i snart to år. Jeg har ikke lyst til å ha typiske “trene tre ganger i uka” nyttårsforesetter fordi de funker aldri – haha. Jeg har lyst til å begynne smått igjen i steden for å begynne hardt 🙂

    GODT NYTT ÅR! Håper du koser deg med det gode været i Melbourne. Send gjerne noen solstråler hit 🙂

    • Jepp, jeg er alltid paa mobilen!!! Den burde slaaes av og gjemmes innimellom!

      Skal se hva jeg faar til med trening for nybegynnere 🙂

      Godt nyttaar til deg ogsaa, her er det ikke saa mye sol i dag, men det er da 25 grader for det 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Good luck in your mission, I’m terrible at it so I hope you are more successful! (I would put single-tasking personally…)

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