Just What The Doctor Ordered; A Quick Home Workout!

What’s better than a workout you can do anywhere? Nothing! That’s right! Or maybe salmon? Or dark chocolate is pretty good too… And avocados. And cuddling on the couch or lying on the beach are both pretty good too! Oy, I’m getting sidetracked, there is in fact nothing that beats a quick workout that can be done anywhere, because then all the other good things in life can be enjoyed so much more! True story!

This is Friday night’s backyard workout! All I had was a skipping rope (highly unnecessary when you can actually easily skip without having a rope, it just adds a little more of a challenge) and two dumbbells (also, you actually don’t need them, you can use other things you have lying around such as 1,5 litre bottles of water, two full 10litre buckets of gravel or a watermelon. Even a little kid would be sufficient actually)!

This is how it’s done (no cheating please, that’s just silly!). If you are two people, simply alternate (first two exercises; one person skips, while the other does lunges, then you swap – too easy):

  • skipping (for one minute or until the other person finishes the lunges)
  • walking lunges (bodyweight, with dumbbells, watermelon, buckets or bottles or anything else you have handy to add weight) 8 metres return trip
  • skipping
  • walking lunges
  • skipping
  • walking lunges
  • pushups 30 seconds
  • crunches 30 seconds (do them together or alternate)
  • pushups
  • crunches
  • pushups
  • crunches
  • skipping again (such great cardio) for one minute
  • bodyweight squats (or hold onto a kid or a watermelon to add weight) for one minute
  • Yes, you also repeat these 3 rounds
  • Dips off a bench, couch, chair of anything else you have available (can be done with a kid on your lap) – do 12 or as many as you can
  • Biceps curls (now you would need something heavy to hold onto, such as the watermelon, full buckets or similar. If you have a tree in your backyard, you can do pull-ups instead, much better for you) – do as many as you can!
  • Again, repeat 3 rounds!

Tadaa! You are done! Stretch and have plenty of water and a nice, good for you meal afterwards (you need to figure out what you believe is good for you and your body, it’s not up to me to decide, is it? But you know what I say; if it makes you feel good, it’s probably not that bad for you!)!

How easy was that? No, not easy as in no physical effort went into it, more easy as no thinking, no gym and no fancy equipment required! Well done you! Challenge your hubby to you it with you, it’s double the fun. I’m sure the kids would love to join in too, they are perfect weights and most of them love doing silly things like skipping and jumping with mum! Just do it (yes, I do wholeheartedly agree with Nike here)!

Something Every Day

Something Every Day keeps the doctor away 🙂

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5 Responses to Just What The Doctor Ordered; A Quick Home Workout!

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    I love ideas for home workouts, for when it is too soggy to run and there are too many people in the gym 🙂

  2. angpeasbalance says:

    salmon, dark chocolate, avocados, AND in-home work outs? sounds like my kind of mind set!

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