A Day With The Girls ~ Champagne & Spa

Some days a girls gotta do what a girl does best; drink champagne before midday and spend the afternoon at a day spa… Ideally this would happen after doing hill sprints in the morning to be mentally and physically ready for the challenge (of course just saying that to let you all know that’s what I did this morning – Something Every Day, even on a lazy Sunday!). I’ll let the pictures just speak for themselves!

IMG_7767 IMG_7768 IMG_7770 IMG_7778 IMG_7782 IMG_7784 IMG_7787 IMG_7791 IMG_7792 IMG_7793 IMG_7799 IMG_7801 IMG_7803


We spent the day at Chandon in Yarra Valley and Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Springs and Spa in Montrose. Absolutely beautiful day to spend with the girls and for a special birthday present for a special girl! The Japanese Retreat does food as well and you can even stay (the rooms looked absolutely amaziiiiiing!) the night.

Now, back to reality! It’s Monday tomorrow, so time to create the weekly training plan, do some grocery shopping and planning on what to have for dinner from Monday to Friday. Nothing is better than being prepared and organised before the week starts, then you won’t get stressed out and make bad choices already on Monday afternoon! Failing to plan is like planning to fail!

Who’s prepared to take on my Something Every Day philosophy for 2014? One year from today, you’ll wish you started today. I promise.

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2 Responses to A Day With The Girls ~ Champagne & Spa

  1. prettyswan says:

    omgggg…..drooling seeing the beauty of the place…. goooshh…i want n i think i need it badly tooo…spa…hurm

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