I think that is the most appropriate word to describe the last week in Melbourne. It’s been the hottest and (or?) longest heat wave ever recorded, and I officially called it yesterday when driving home from work and my dashboard looked like this (I stopped and pulled over before taking this picture when it reached 48, I’ve never seen it before!!):


“It’s official – it’s too hot!”

I guess I could’ve called it after I found my butter looking like this one afternoon too…:


Thankfully it has now cooled down to about 20-25 and I feel like a normal human being again (and my brain is less fried). I can deal with 35 degrees and enjoy it, but four days over 40 and not under 30 overnight – too much to handle for a humble viking from the north. The good thing though, is the fact that I’ve been using the heat as an excuse to go to the gym (rather than an excuse not to exercise like I have heard so many others do!), because guess what? Gyms have free aircon! And it’s usually a pretty good aircon too! I have therefore already done my 3 yoga classes this week (maybe a 4th one tomorrow?), 2 TABATA sessions and one other  run inside, plus 2 circuits. Not too shabby for a ridiculously hot week, right?

I have also been to the beach every night (I love living close to the beach, it’s the best!) enjoying a cold bath and views like this:


AND I have had frozen yoghurt every day (or at least that is what it feels like!). We went to the local Fro-Yo place on Wednesday night around 10PM and there was a line out the door (and the temperature was still 38 degrees Celsius!)! I actually never think I have ever seen that many people lining up for frozen yoghurt before in my life. But that wasn’t my point, my point is, although all frozen yoghurt places are advertising about low fat, low sugar, healthy and so on, make sure you have a closer look at what you are putting in your mouth. Some of the yoghurt is actually not that bad for you at all like the tart/natural varieties and if you top them with fruit and nuts, it probably won’t kill you. But if you fill your plate with chocolate, coconut or other sweet varieties and then top it with chocolate, m&ms and caramel sauce, the result is very different from the first option. Neither will kill you, so it’s just up to you how you want to feel after having the Fro-Yo. I like to feel awesome, so I go for the first option (and I’m hoping that soon there will be a place that offers a full fat option too… hmmm, business idea… LCHF Fro-Yo..) and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s all about the big picture, not about the nitty gritty details. Because you know what they say:


I can hear the beach calling – this time for a jog along the running track. Nothing better to make sure I work up an appetite for dinner out tonight. Hope you’ve had an awesome weekend so far – make sure you enjoy every little bit of it and that you do Something Every Day 🙂

Awesome Ashild x

PS; Life is too short for a bad coffee, but not for a bad(ass) saucer:


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4 Responses to Hot!

  1. loulouloves says:

    Oh, that is bloody hot! A world away from here where it is snowing outside. Although all my friends in Sydney are sweltering…

  2. katafrass says:

    I’m in Melbourne too!…with no ac…last week was brutal!

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