Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Are you one of those people who let the small stuff take over your life? Do you let the small stuff grow into big stuff in your head and forget about the important stuff? Is your to-do list the most important thing in your day or week? Does it always have to be ticked off 100% before you finish your day and go home to your loved ones? Well, I’ve got some news for you; You in-tray won’t be empty when you die. There will always be tasks that should’ve been done and emails that you should’ve replied to. But, the hard thing is to realise that this isn’t always the most important thing in life. Don’t let tasks, frustrations and other small things take away your joy and happiness in life. Learn how you shouldn’t be sweating the small stuff (and that in fact, it’s all small stuff!).

I’ll be the first to admit I am not very good at not sweating the small stuff. But I am determined to get better. My number one ‘sweater’ is the fact that I put thoughts and opinions in other people’s heads. Thoughts and opinions that they in fact don’t have, that I just in my own head think they have about me or things I have done. This is a massive ‘small stuff’ I ‘sweat’ every day. But I am happy to say I have gotten heaps better than I used to be (when I was 20 I was convinced no one actually liked me, but that they were just hanging out with me because they pitied me…) and I now recognise these thoughts and go ‘well hello there silly little stuff, how are you today?’ and then let them pass instead (often, but not always!). Practise makes perfect, right (not that there is such a thing as perfect – let go of the thought of anything needing to be perfect)?! So, rule number one is to let go. Don’t hold on to thoughts and worries. Acknowledge them and let them go.

When a worry or stress shows up in your head, put it on a leaf and let it sail down the stream, instead of growing in your head

When a worry or stress shows up in your head, put it on a leaf and let it sail down the stream, instead letting them grow big in your head and ruin your day.

Why is it a ‘fact’ that you need to be a stressed, sleep deprived, family life deprived, tired and grumpy overachiever to be successful in life? And a ‘fact’ that you will get nowhere in life if you sleep in, spend too much time with your friends or take regular holidays with your family. I’ve even heard holidays being described as ‘unnecessary if you have  job you love going to, and if you feel the need for holidays and weekends off, you are obviously not enjoying your place of work and should be doing something else. You should not live for the weekend, you should never feel like you need to get away from work.’ Interesting, right? To me a holiday or a weekend away is time for inspiration and new energy. It’s for spending time with loved ones and to widen your horizon experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and trying new things. It’s not an escape from work and everyday life. I believe it is possible to combine a less stressful life with success. You just need to find your balance (your, not someone else’s) and never let anyone else tell you that you’re not doing it right or not dong it well enough, as long as you are happy with your life, your achievements and your success (you know that thing they call intuition? It’s your soul, so listen to it!). It’s up to you – not the people around you. Only sweat your own stuff, don’t sweat everyone else’s stuff too!

Don't let small stuff take over your life.

Don’t let small stuff take over your life.

I’ve written about the power of your thoughts before, but it is such a massive thing, that will definitely work you up and make you sweat way too much. Be very aware of the snowball effect of your thinking (I know you didn’t all grow up with white, beautiful winters where the norm was rolling massive snowballs and turning them into snowmen once the first snow fell – all starting with a tiny little ball, but you now what I mean). If you take a thought and roll yourself around in it all day, it will grow bigger and stronger, harder and more icy by the minute. And it will require A LOT of sunshine to melt it in the end of winter (and when ice age arrives once again, it will never welt! Not in your lifetime). If you think that you are not good enough, you will never be good enough (not for yourself anyway, and you are the one who matters!). The more you think you are not good enough, the more you will believe it and the more it will be ingrained in you. You believe it and others will start believing in it too. It’s the conversations you have with yourself in your head all day long that define who you are as a person and what others around you think you are. Make sure those conversations turn positive. Don’t sweat small stuff all day long until they turn massive. It’s just not worth it.

The absolute best way of taking advantage of the snowball effect! Build a snowman!

The absolute best way of taking advantage of the snowball effect! Build a snowman!

I suggest you take a nice holiday to somewhere cold and snowy and build a real snowman instead. It will be a lot more enjoyable and you will feel better for it (and yes, you can still be successful and happy!)! You will also be less likely to sweat (the small stuff that is)…

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend and Happy Australia Day! Enjoy every bit of it and let your mind relax a little 🙂

Awesome Ashild x

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5 Responses to Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

  1. marita3216 says:


    Your new post is awesome and makes an awful lot of sense. What on earth have you been eating to be producing stuff like this?

    Marita Marita Brewster | 119 Union Street, East Brighton, 3187 Phone 03 9578 5055 | Mob 0411 148 291 |

  2. topa says:

    Thanks for that reminder, I really needed it today. Besides that I am glad we have snow. Finally. 😉

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