10 Easy Tips For A LCHF Lifestyle

  1. Eat small amounts of carbohydrates (in the form of sugar), moderate amounts of proteins and enough fat to feel satisfied for at least 4-6 hours after every meal. Figure out for yourself what amounts of these macronutrients will fulfil your needs in terms of weight loss, energy levels and so on.

  2. Stay away from soda, diet soda, cordial, juice, sweetened milk, cakes, milk chocolate, fruit yoghurt, lollies and anything else you can think of that has added sugar. Eat less of or stay away from starch rich food such as wheat based products, cereals, bread, pasta, potato and legumes.

  3. Eat shedloads (and yes, shed!) of vegetables that grow above the the soil such as lettuce, cabbage and similar. Eat moderate amounts of root vegetables such as carrot and celeriac. Eat some nuts, seeds and berries and a little fruit (just a little, not a lottle).

    Lots of greens

    Lots of greens

  4. Eat moderate amounts of good quality animal products rich in protein, such as beef, fish, seafood and eggs. You can also add some cheese if you can tolerate it.

  5. Eat sufficient amounts of fats from plants and animals.

  6. Your main fat sources should come from animals (such as bone marrow, lard, butter, fish oils, cream, cheese and so on).

    Good as gold

    Good as gold

  7. The secondary source should be plant oils (such as olives, avocado, seeds, coconut milk, coconut butter, olive oil and so on).

  8. Cook your food from scratch. With fresh produce. It’s the only way you will know what’s in your food. Processed food usually contain lots of sugar, salt, preservatives, additives and artificial flavours and colours. Buy organic if you can.

  9. Stay away from foods you are allergic to or that you think you may not tolerate that well. Milk is a common food allergy, that can cause you stomach aches, intestinal problems and even weight gain if you are lactose intolerant.

  10. Drink lots of fluids. Your main source should be water (this could be filtered). Then add some green tea and coffee if you like. The coffee can (or should, because it’s so delicious!) be drank with coconut oil or cream.

    This coffee however is not made with coconut oil...

    This coffee however is not made with coconut oil…

  11. (Yes, I know I said 10, but this one is the most important one) KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid! Because if you keep it simple and don’t over complicate things and make your own rules (or guidelines or whatever you want to call them) that suits your body, your needs and your lifestyle, then you are a lot more likely to succeed in changing your eating habits for ever. You’re the boss over your body and only you know how you feel. Stick to what feels right for you. That’s the only way a lifestyle change will ever last for ever. It’s your life and your choices – don’t take someone else’s word for it, not even mine! These are called tips for a reason – not commandments.

Have fun trialling a new way of life, I hope you find a way for you. I hope you learnt something new or got inspired. Feel free to share the post with your friends with the buttons below.

Awesome Ashild xoxo


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5 Responses to 10 Easy Tips For A LCHF Lifestyle

  1. lmarieallen says:

    I enjoy your posts about nutrition, and I personally do better on a lower carbohydrate diet, perhaps not as strict as yours. Being a breast cancer survivor, I am always looking for ways to keep myself healthy and fit. The overwhelming advice for breast cancer survivors is to eat a diet extremely low in fat, mainly vegetarian with occasional fish. Whole grains are encouraged. I have a problem with that because I don’t feel satisfied with low fat and protein. It tends to cause blood sugar issues for me. But, of course, I want to improve my odds as much as possible.

    • Cancer and nutrition is an interesting one. There is so much different advice out there and as with everything else, you need to follow your heart and what feels right to you. I strongly believe that a diet high in fat and good quality protein and lots of vegetables is what we thrive on. Do what feels right for you. And, on a side note, I am not that strict 😉 Happy weekend 🙂

  2. improvartz says:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 By the way, what is that big green veggie in the green picture? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before! It reminds me of a seashell, but I’ve never seen a green seashell like that either. Haha.

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