I’m Bringing Booty Back…

…Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that….

I am completely addicted to this song! If you haven’t heard it yet, go and listen to “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, it is just too funny and puts you in a great mood in an instant!  Love it! Must add this song to running list! What’s your favourite running songs?

Today my training plan said 8KM easy run. But I got stuck on the phone with costumer service (I don’t know why they call it ‘service’, because that just doesn’t make any sense at all..) and was running late, because I had a chiropractor appointment booked (gotta look after the spine and other bones when running lots), so I didn’t have time for an 8KM run. It would’ve been super easy to tell me self ‘I haven’t got time, can’t make it today. I’ll just run tomorrow instead.’ But hey, we don’t do that, right?! So, I went for an easy 5KM instead. Because I had time for that. Done. Because sometimes, life gets in the way, but that’s not an excuse not to do anything at all. Because usually you can fit Something in!

Aaaaaanyways, I was actually going to tell you a little something about Yin Yoga today. Because Yin is fantastic, especially for tight runner legs. But, like most days, this day has gone too fast as well, and I haven’t had time to read up on it, so it will have to wait until the weekend. But now that you’ve heard of it, look it up and read a little for yourself if you can’t wait for me. Yin is very different to the Yang style yogas like Vinyasa and you should definitely combine the two. You know, a little yin and yang to balance out your life.


I’m gonna add a little yin to my yang day with a cup of tea, UGGs and blanket on the couch. Perfect way to end a Thursday. What is your yin and yang today?

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

PS, now I am all confused, is it Yin or Ying?

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4 Responses to I’m Bringing Booty Back…

  1. Ashild – having a plan AND being flexible — both essential to training for a goal without getting hurt! Congrats to you for the “Something” ! 🙂 My flexibility today was moving my 40 minute run indoors. I know the treadmill isn’t the same as outdoors, but it was 7:30 am, 90 degrees (about 32 C, I think) with 90% humidity…today, I just couldn’t bear the thought of running for 40 minutes in that!

  2. Definitely adding this song to my run list too! Lol

  3. wolf says:

    it’s Yin according to Chinese pronunciation. I am from Taiwan and I speak Chinese.

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