Coconutty Crunchy Granola…

Hands up if you want the recipe for this bad boy:


Best breakfast I’ve had aaaaaall day (haha). No seriously, it is super tasty. Nuts, seeds, coconut and a few other bits and pieces. Too easy. And yes, that is amazing greek yoghurt in the background. Ridiculously expensive, but worth every cent. Nomnomnom!

I’ve been relatively lazy today, a quick walk along the beach and a little yoga and stretching in the morning. But I think I am allowed to be a little lazy after doing a 15KM run yesterday. My body didn’t quite agree with me, so I did 10KM actual running non stop, then about 1KM walk and interval for the remaining 4. I just wanted to get to those 15 before the weekend and I did! Tick that box. Bring on next weeks training, which should include weight training, yoga, sprints and long runs. And maybe some boxing.

But tonight I am going to do absolutely nothing else than catching up with good friends, enjoying a nice meal and quite possibly a glass of wine or two. It’s all about balance, I figure if I am a saint 80% of the time, I can get away with sinning a little 20% of the time 😉

Have a beautiful Saturday, beautiful people!

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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