A Whisper Of Whiskers



It is another sunny/rainy/windy/cloudy/beautiful/wet/cold/nice day in Melbourne. You know you’re in Melbourne when there’s 4 seasons in a day and you can get away with wearing thongs, shorts, wool jumper, sunnies, umbrella, scarf and a hat all in one go. But hey, I didn’t come here to talk about the weather (Norwegians generally talk a lot about weather, cos there’s so much of it over there!). I just stopped by to talk about a little something called Affirmations. Having little positive affirmations around you, that you can see and read every day can actually completely change your mood and help you stay focused and positive. Coffee also does that look:




Happier! After the first sip of coffee 🙂

Enough with the coffee, over to affirmations. Or quotes or sentences or whatever tickles your fancy. I found these little boxes with little card, each having one affirmation on them. So cute.

Whisper Whisper2 Whisper3

I like to use quotes to inspire others, to change my own mood, to stay on track towards my goals amongst other things. Quotes can also help to remind you about how blessed you are with where you are in life and the things you have achieved.


I have been going to a few seminars about mindfulness lately and the quote below is exactly what mindfulness is all about. Don’t worry about the past or the future, but living in the moment. Enjoying now. Enjoying the company in front of you instead of worrying about that meeting tomorrow. Enjoying that glass of wine, instead of your waistline (because if you’ve made the decision to have a glass of wine, you’ve made the decision to enjoy it. So stop worrying about how many minutes you will have to be in the stepper tomorrow. Just do it tomorrow without doing it in your mind while drinking wine…). Just be. Now.

Whisper5 Whisper6That’s my words of wisdom today. Be in the moment. Enjoy now, because it will never come back. And you can’t change the past, so why spend time thinking it over. Over and over again. Just enjoy now.

Awesome Ashild, xoxo


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