Why Does Yoga Have To Be Done Upside Down All The Time?

Is it just me, or is 90% of all yoga inspiration pictures on blogs, Instagram, Facebook and every other social media imaginable some sort of a hand stand? On the beach, upside down. In the sunset, upside down. On the street, upside down. On a cliff, upside down. Oh, and in an actual yoga studio, upside down. You get the picture, right? Everywhere you see, there are some amazing, hot yogi doing a super impressive handstand on one or two hands. And we all think that’s what yoga is about, being the best at handstands. Looking as hot and impressive as you can while posing in the sunset. Cos, that’s yoga right?!

I’ve been doing a lot of yoga over the years, Bikram, Power Flow, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot and any other fancy names the classes might have. I have also done simple Sun Salutation on my own living room floor. And only very, very rarely do I find myself being upside down. I do sometimes do a headstand. In Crow pose my feet are off the floor. Or my butt is suddenly up in the air while I am stretching my lower back out in a Plow pose. But I am hardly ever balancing on my hands in the sunset (and when I say hardly ever, you can read that as never ever), while smiling to the photographer in a little bikini. Yoga (to me) isn’t about impressing the masses with my amazing skills. Yoga is to just be on the mat, listening to my body and it’s limitations. Challenging my body and my mind into difficult poses, taking it to the next level. Some days my body is ok with stretching the limits a little further, other days I need to take it one step back. And that is ok. Because I don’t go to my mat to impress anyone. Not even to impress myself. I go to my mat to meditate, stretch, strengthen, improve and calm down.

Note; This is not me.

Note; This is not me.( Picture. )

Maybe it is just me? Maybe I am too old fashioned for all this half naked, upside down Fitspiration and Belfies (in case you know what that is, it’s a selfie of your butt!) everywhere. Can’t we be inspiring with our clothes on these days? And with both feet firmly planted on the ground? I read a very inspiring blog post the other day called “Doing Child’s pose for 1.5 hours is still yoga”. And it is. Doing Savasana (Corpse pose, lying flat on your back) for an hour is actually still yoga, unless you fall asleep. Then it’s just called sleep (and that is highly beneficial too).

Rant over. It’s Friday, let’s all enjoy it. And as I like to say TGIF (Thank God I’m Fit!). Do some yoga (or running, walking, push-ups, boxing or just Something) over the weekend. You know you’ll feel better for it. Have a great weekend, beautiful people!

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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4 Responses to Why Does Yoga Have To Be Done Upside Down All The Time?

  1. CultFit says:

    Quality rant and I’m right there with you! Fully open with my thoughts – folks do inversions to look cool <– whatever this means?!?
    Take care and be sure to have an amazing weekend as well 🙂

  2. You are exactly right. This upside-down acrobatic image is synonymous with yoga in the media today. It’s crazy.

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