Sunday Shop&Chop

Because most of us have a little extra time on our hands on Sundays (or some other day of the week you have off if you work weekends), Sunday is a perfect day to prepare for the week ahead. We have all heard the fact that “Failing to Plan Is Planning To Fail”. Therefore doing groceries, chopping up some vegies/meat and possibly even preparing a meal or two is a perfect way of being prepared. It takes a lot of the pressure off when making mid week dinners and lunches, when you have pre-chopped vegies in the fridge. Or even have a meal plan where you have planned out all the dinners and lunches coming up the next five days.

That’s exactly what I have done today (and still currently doing). Gone to the market for a big shop (just make sure that you have breaky before doing your shopping, if not you will come home with waaaaaaay more stuff than you had planned to), made granola for the next week (or maybe even two if I am lucky), my home made greek yoghurt is sitting on the bench making itself, I have chopped a few things and I am about to make a big enough dinner tonight to have leftovers tomorrow. And I bought ingredients for lunches too! Well prepared. Most likely won’t fail then.

Crunchy and delish celery

Crunchy and delish celery

Fresh granola for the week

Fresh granola for the week

IMG_8028 IMG_8030

A full and tempting fridge

A full and tempting fridge


Greek Yoghurt in the making

Greek Yoghurt in the making

A lot of people think eating healthy is really hard and complicated. It really isn’t. I don’t even think it takes more time than eating crap all the time. The secret is to keep it simple. You don’t need impressive recipes with complicated ingredients you’ve never heard of. There’s nothing wrong with meat and three veg. Throwing together a fresh salad and cooking a piece of salmon takes no time. Steamed vegetables may not sound that tempting to many, but if you stir a little butter or good quality olive oil through and put some fresh herbs or spices on them, they taste even better than plain. A stir-fry fitting all the ingredients in one pan is super easy. So is putting everything in a slow cooker that does the job for you while you are at work. Too easy.

So, get organised today. Then next week will be easier. Get into the habit of spending a few hours every Sunday for your Shop&Chop. Plan your meals from Monday to Friday (I tend to have a lot of social events on over the weekend, so I take that out of the equation). You will even end up saving both time and money, because you don’t end up going to the super market every day. And you’ll eat better and feel better. Win-win-win.

Your quote of the day should be Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail. Have fun Shopping&Chopping.

Awesome Ashild, xoxo


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  1. Lovely post, so very organised 🙂

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