Challenge ~ No Sweets For Six Weeks

Who overindulged a little over the Silly Season, hands up? Yes, I figured there would be a few of you out there. Well, Silly Season has been and gone, so has New Years with all the promises and resolutions. Most of them actually gets broken within the first 1-2 weeks of January. Then it’s back to old habits again. So, why not start a challenge in the middle of January instead? Like the 12th?

I propose having No Sweets For Six Weeks!

What are sweets? Well, that is a little tricky to determine. Sweets to me are chocolate and ice cream. They are the two sweet, naughty things I have a soft spot for. For others this might be liquorice, lollies, doughnuts, tortilla chips, caramelised macadamia nuts or frozen yoghurt. Maybe even that glass of wine or three every night. You need to decide for yourself what your ‘sweet’ is and say stop from Monday 12th Jan 2015 (because we need to mentally prepare for it) till midnight Sunday 22nd Feb 2015.

You may of course continue on not having your sweet treats after the challenge is over.

Who’s in? And who are you challenging?

You’ll find the Facebook event for the challenge here. Join and invite all your friends to join with you. Together we can do this!

Swap these....

Swap these….

....for these!

….for these!

Your reward will be less cravings, better tastebuds, maybe lose a kilo or two, better habits and overall feeling better. I also suggest finding something you want to give yourself as a reward for going without sweets for six weeks (No, not cake!). Like a massage, new pair of shoes, gold class movie tickets, a weekend away or whatever it is you fancy.

What is you fail? Well, there is always starting over and do it again. I will suggest you donate an amount to a charity of your choice if you don’t make it through the six weeks. Like $50 or the amount you would normally spend on sweets in six weeks?

Ok, are you ready to do this. Join the challenge here and invite your friends to do it with you. I am so excited to see how you all go!!!


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2 Responses to Challenge ~ No Sweets For Six Weeks

  1. avakian says:

    I like this but it would be way too hard for me…


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