Step Two ~ Identify Your Triggers

You’re on board with the No Sweets For Six Weeks challenge and you have already cleaned out all your  sweet leftovers from the Silly Season. Now what?

Usually we tend to eat sweets/savouries  or have a glass of wine at a certain time of the day or week. Many have a morning coffee with an apple and cinnamon muffin. Others have cheese and biscuits when they are cooking dinner. Others again have a glass of wine or a bag of chips after dinner. Or ice cream. Or a plate of chocolate when they are stressed at work. You need to identify out what your triggers are. Have a think about your day. When do you usually snack? Who do you usually snack with? Is it your idea or their idea? Do you tend to sneak a piece of chocolate or three after a stressful meeting or do you just have to have a doughnut on a Friday after work?

Whatever it may be, write down your typical times for snacking on something sweet, having a glass of wine or beer or digging into the chips. Once you’ve done that, go through the list again and figure out how you can avoid these triggers for the next six weeks (or forever). As an example;

Trigger 1: Lisa always asks me if I want to go grab a coffee at the bakery around 10AM and we usually end up having a blueberry muffin too. 

Solution 1: Tell Lisa about the No Sweets For Six Weeks challenge and suggest she’ll do it with me. Also find a different coffee place with no sweets or less sweets available. Possibly order from the takeaway window and not go inside. 

Trigger 2; I usually get really tired and hungry after going to the gym after work and I end up eating chocolate covered almonds in the car on my way home. 

Solution 2; Ensure I have a snack ready to go after the gym, such as a protein shake, some raw (not chocolate covered) nuts or even an egg. 

When you think through all your triggers and find a solution to all of them, you will be much more likely to succeed in the No Sweets For Six Weeks challenge.

A handful of nuts is always better than a Mars bar...

A handful of nuts is always better than a Mars bar…

Remember that failing to plan is like planning to fail. If you really want to do this, you need to be prepared, mentally as well and having a clean pantry. Your goal today is finding solutions to all your triggers, writing them down and put them somewhere you can see them. Off you go!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Step Three to prepare you for the No Sweets For Six Weeks challenge. If you haven’t joined yet, click here. Don’t forget to invite your friends too.

Have an awesome day 🙂

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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