Step Three ~ Stock Up Your Pantry

So you’ve joined the challenge, cleaned up your pantry and made an attack plan for any trigger times. Now it’s time to stock up the pantry so you are ready for Monday. If you have no idea what I am talking about you should read No Sweets For Six Weeks The First Step ~ Get Rid Of Your Leftovers and Step Two ~ Identify Your Triggers. Now you should be up to date.

It is super important to actually have good food in the fridge at home. If you don’t buy junk, it won’t be in your pantry and you won’t eat it. It’s that easy. Therefore, if you fill up your kitchen (and drawer at work) with goodness, then you will be a lot more likely to succeed in the No Sweets For Six Weeks Challenge.

Places that needs to be stocked up:

Fridge, pantry, car, gym bag, work desk, work fridge, places you spend a lot of time (such as your girlfriend’s house or your Mum’s pantry).

We usually mindlessly eat sugary or crunchy snacks when we’re hungry, tired, stressed, watching TV, lying on the couch, having a cuppa and the list is endless. It will be hard to suddenly NOT have your favourite indulgence in your hand at these times. So, it’s important to have other, better, healthier alternatives. I don’t know what you believe in, but I believe in fats and usually follow a low carb high fat (LCHF) eating style. Most of my snacks (whenever I am actually hungry between meals) are quite high in fat. So most of my ideas will come from this perspective. You are, of course, totally free to choose other options, but I would highly recommend staying away from anything too carb heavy and processed, as these types of snacks usually leaves us wanting more.

My suggestions are; nuts, seeds, fresh berries with natural yoghurt, a boiled egg or two, cheese (I simply love Jarlsberg), half an avocado with salt and pepper, a bulletproof coffee, meat muffins, Paleo granola with Greek yoghurt, carrot and hummus, ham, salami, olives, homemade green smoothies, cucumber slices with high quality dips (or celery of you like it), leftovers from a healthy dinner (meat and two vegetables…), a tin of tuna, sparkling water with lemon or fresh fruit/berries in it for flavour, a cup of green tea, cocoa nibs, a spoon of coconut butter, biltong, cottage cheese in any variation, rice cake with peanut butter, banana with peanut butter, anything with peanut butter (just make sure the peanut butter only has peanuts in it), almond butter, homemade granola bar… and so on and so forth. You can even make strawberry ice cream with two ingredients.

good foodfatisgoodIMG_7999

There are so many delicious things you can eat and drink instead of sugary, processed and high carb foods such as chocolate, chips and doughnuts. You just need to have it there in front of you when you are desperate for something to put in your mouth. Then you simply just eat it, walk away and keep doing whatever you were doing.

Homework is figuring out what you would enjoy eating, put it on a shopping list and ensure it’s wherever you need it to be by Monday! Good luck and good snacking. I’m gonna have an avocado smoothie right now #nomnomnom.

Remember to join and invite friends to the Six Weeks With No Sweets Challenge here.

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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