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Aloha From Hawaii

As you may have noticed, if you are following me on Instagram, I have been in Hawaii recently. Didn’t bring my laptop, so no updates from the middle of nowhere. Came back last Sunday night, but this week has just … Continue reading

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Harvest Box ~ A Better Snack

Do you sometimes sit at your desk at work, daydreaming about food and thinking ‘how great wouldn’t it be if I could just get a snack delivered to my desk?!’. Well, guess what, you can! As a part of the … Continue reading

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One Week Down ~ 21 Days To Break A Habit

Wohoo, well done on smashing your first week in No Sweets For Six Weeks. 7 days in (almost 8, since Monday is getting long already) into a 42 day challenge. You may have wondered why it is exactly six weeks … Continue reading

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Step Five ~ Stick To Your Guns

If you are unsure what that actually means, the definition for sticking to your guns is to refuse to change your ideas although other people try to make you change them (or in the military it means keep shooting at … Continue reading

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LCHF Kale Chips Recipe

Do you tend to overeat on chips and other salty savory treats? Then kale chips are definitely for you. Super crispy and super tasty, all at the same time. And guess what? They are even good for you. Kale has … Continue reading

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