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If Shane Crawford Can Ride Melbourne-Perth in 22 Days…

…what can you do? If you don’t know who Crawf is or how far Melbourne-Perth is, check out this website. If you want the short version, he is an ex-AFL fotballer, host for the Footy Show and he rode 3,600KM … Continue reading

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When Was The Last Time You Went For A Run Along The Beach?

Or walk or jog, I don’t differentiate between those things. If you just get out there and do something, I’ll be happy. It can also be in the forest, in the city or in the park. Same, same. It’s another cold morning … Continue reading

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No, This Is Not A Bird Watcher’s Blog

But, when you have these beautiful creatures outside your window when having breakfast, it’s just a little hard to ignore them. I’m sorry if you don’t really care about birds. I don’t really care that much about birds myself, but … Continue reading

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Health Inspiration Blogs

I was googling a little earlier today looking for health inspiration blogs. Because it’s interesting to see what’s out there. And I was left very curious after one of my top hits on beloved google took me to a blog, … Continue reading

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When Did Too Skinny Become Beautiful?

I ask myself that question every now and then. I probably asked myself that question last weekend when I ment to a Hollywood costume expo and I got to see Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress. In case you have never … Continue reading

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