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A Beautiful Morning For A Cold Shower In Melbourne. Not.

Being Norwegian, people keep telling me I should be used to the cold weather. Well, I am not anymore. So, i do complain about being cold (all the time some may say) every now and then. Like this morning, when … Continue reading

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LCHF – Real Fat Is Satisfying Your Hunger

LCHF, or Low Carb High Fat is the lifestyle that just makes the most sense to me (I like logical things and stuff that just naturally makes sense – can’t help it!). I grew up on a farm and I … Continue reading

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Living La Vida Loca With Psoriasis

I was lucky enough to get Psoriasis when I was 13 years old. I think it started in my scalp, then continued down around and in my ears, then some of my face, before it settled nicely on my elbows, … Continue reading

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Is Soy Milk The Big Bad Wolf?

When I moved to Australia the first time, in 2006, I started drinking Soy Milk. I grew up on a dairy farm and drank about a litre of cow’s milk a day when I was a kid and up until … Continue reading

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What Did The Banana Do to Piss Someone Off?

We have all seen them, when browsing on health and fitness blogs and websites, the big, brown banana blinking at us with the title “Five foods never to eat to lose belly fat”. You might have had a conversation with … Continue reading

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