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Why Does Yoga Have To Be Done Upside Down All The Time?

Is it just me, or is 90% of all yoga inspiration pictures on blogs, Instagram, Facebook and every other social media imaginable some sort of a hand stand? On the beach, upside down. In the sunset, upside down. On the … Continue reading

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No, This Is Not A Bird Watcher’s Blog

But, when you have these beautiful creatures outside your window when having breakfast, it’s just a little hard to ignore them. I’m sorry if you don’t really care about birds. I don’t really care that much about birds myself, but … Continue reading

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Warming Quinoa Porridge and Warming Messages From You

Thank you so much to all of you who read my post yesterday ‘What Happens When Your Mother Tells You She Is Fat‘? and to all those who commented here and on Facebook. It is really such a difficult, yet … Continue reading

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Listen To Your Body And Feed It With Fish

Today, the 12th of June, is day 12th of my 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I have done an hour yoga every day since the 1st of June. Today, however, I am not feeling well. Nauseous, headachy and generally a little run … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Downward Facing (Bull) Dog

You can’t go to yoga and not bump into to this guy. He’s everywhere. Repeatedly. For a long time and then a short time. Sometimes you get sick of it, other times you don’t mind standing there with your head between … Continue reading

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