Something Every Day

That’s the principle I live by, meaning I do something psychical every day. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t state any amount of exercise, time needed or any level of performance. Somedays you simply don’t have the time to do an hour in the gym, you might be so sore from yesterday’s session you can hardly move or you’re on holiday, far away from great equipment and organised classes. The good thing is, for Something Every Day, you don’t need any of these things. It just needs to be Something.

My today’s Something was a yoga class. Great start to the morning with the sun coming into the room, warming my skin as I was stretching, holding and performing my Downward Facing Dog with excellence (in my head it looked awesome!!). This particular yoga studio does a fusion of yoga and dance, so it never gets boring and you really get to challenge your balance and strength. I will tell you more about this place later.

Yesterday my Something was a weight session in the gym, focusing on legs and back. Hard, fast and focused. I was in that mood yesterday, when I just wanted to lift something heavy. Sunday I did another Yoga class and I am pretty sure Saturday was just a walk along the beach. Because a Something can also be a walk. Nothing beats fresh, crisp autumn air along the beach a weekend morning. (Ok, ok, I know one thing that beats it; hiking in the mountains in Norway a crisp autumn morning surrounded by yellow, red and orange colours… If you have never been to Norway, seriously, you should go. It’s awesome).Bergen, NorwayBergen, NorwayBergen, Norway

Now you are probably thinking, I never have time for a yoga class in the morning or have access to the gym where I live. Not to worry. A Something can be performed at home, in the garden, in your office (if you’re not shy) and with the kids. A Something can be lunges in front of the TV every ad break on a Monday night. Tuesday night you might do as many push ups as you can, rest and repeat for 4 times. Wednesday you can run around with the kids for 30 minutes, doing silly things (they will love it!!), Thursday you might need to just stretch a little. Friday you’re going out for dinner and decide to park a 15 min walk away from the restaurant (caution, wear comfortable shoes, not a great idea in massive heels…). Saturday and Sunday are great days for going to the park with your kids or the dog and challenge yourself to get the heart rate up at least three times every time. A power walk, a run up a hill or play Duck Duck Goose. Whatever it takes to do a little Something every day. Before you know it, the week has gone by and you have been a little active every day.

Next time you hear someone say; “If you don’t have time to do an hour, don’t bother doing anything at all”, just pull a funny face at them and remind yourself; I just need to do Something Every Day. Why don’t you spend 10 minutes today writing a list of 10 Somethings that you can do in your daily environment. Share your ideas with me in a comment, I would love to hear it! If you’re starting from a base of no exercise, take it slow. You will not change your life overnight. If you are fat, you probably didn’t get fat overnight, so it will take some time to get rid of it.Positive Changes

If you change one small thing every day, think about the massive change this will lead to in a year.

Disclaimer; I strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. If you are under 18, pregnant, nursing or have health problems, consult your doctor about specific medical conditions.

25 Responses to Something Every Day

  1. This is a wonderful post. I broke my toe a few months ago and was “incapacitated” for about a month before I realized I actually wasn’t incapacitated at all–I just had to get creative. So I sat down at my computer, looked up a few exercises I could do without bending my feet/toes, and devised a pretty kick-ass home workout that involved squats, pushups (on my knees), planks (with the broken-toe foot stacked over the other), shoulder presses, and abs. I did this workout about three times a week (less than ideal, but still okay), and before I knew it, my toe was better and I was running again (and NOT horribly out of shape like I could have been!). Lessons learned: we are only as limited as we tell ourselves we are; a short workout is better than no workout; broken toes heal.

  2. chewoutloud says:

    Um, can you just move close by and become my trainer?? 😉

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! And I love this philosophy – I am going to incorporate it today!! Unfortunately, I was healthy, then I wasn’t, and I’m still not – but I think your plan here is solid!

  4. Pam says:

    You are great !!! I live by the same motto 🙂 I do yoga / some kind of exercise everyday !
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Anna Hickey says:

    Love this philosophy!

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  8. MikeW says:

    Something Every Day:
    This will help. There are droves of people out there who must find their training at-hand, or it will not begin, or continue. From this approach many, many more people can gradually and sustainably become and remain healthier, fitter, and more able.

  9. theh2obaby says:

    Yes, I like being able to know I did •something• for my health & body today and every day. I’ve recently taken up Nordic Walking (“4-wheel-drive” walking, with special sticks). Is it really Norwegian? I’m hoping for it to be both aerobic and triceps toning in one •something• for the day. Thank for the encouragement.

    • Hi, yes it was very popular a few years ago when everyone was walking with sticks. I guess it’s somehow inspired from cross country skiing, where you need sticks to move forward. I think it’s good when hiking in the mountains for extra help, but it can be unfortunate for your balance as you get out of practise if you use them all the time. But saying that, if you use them vigorously when walking in hilly terrain, you’ll get great arms! Keep up the great work with Something Every Day 🙂

      • theh2obaby says:

        Hi! I thought of you today 🙂 It was rainy & thundery & dark. I felt like exhausted rubbish…for no good reason. But I got out on the bike when the sky cleared. It wasn’t far, but it was Something. Now I don’t feel bad about myself for doing Nothing today. Thank you. ~molly

      • Hi Molly, thank you for thinking of me 🙂 And good on you for getting out there and doing something. I attempted going for a walk this morning, in 4 degrees and it started raining. So I postponed it till this afternoon. So much nicer and I still got out there 🙂

  10. CathyW says:

    I love how encouraging you are . Certainly can identify with the awesome in my head thought you had!

  11. Karyl says:

    Here are some somethings I could do: walk on the treadmill, walk up and down the steps, stretching, yoga, exercise video, go for a walk, pushups, situps, marching in place, and dancing. I guess bending my elbow eating doesn’t count. 🙂

  12. Karyl says:

    you are adorable and inspiring

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