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Lazy Beauty Tips From A Naturally Lazy Beauty

I am naturally lazy, especially when it comes to hair and make up (and clothes, as long as they are comfy, I am not really that fussed… I wear tights 80% of the time). In the morning I usually throw … Continue reading

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Is Plastic Surgery On Your Pet For Cosmetic Reasons OK?

As you know, I’m quite passionate about health and food and looking after myself and encouraging people to look after themselves. But I am also passionate about how looks aren’t everything and we should aim to be healthy for our health … Continue reading

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When Did Too Skinny Become Beautiful?

I ask myself that question every now and then. I probably asked myself that question last weekend when I ment to a Hollywood costume expo and I got to see Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress. In case you have never … Continue reading

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Trigger Happy In Melbourne’s Backstreets

As I said, I went a little camera crazy in Melbourne this morning. I love graffiti. I think I want a wall in my living room inspired by this. Enjoy!

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