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Did Your New Year’s Resolution Fail Already? Don’t Worry, You Are Not Alone.

Today we can already say it’s January 12th 2014 (still feels a little weird to say 2014 though) and it’s been almost two weeks since most people decided it was time to “lose some weight and get fit”, followed by … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution #1 ~ Be Better At Single Tasking

I never just do one thing at a time anymore. Like right now, I just pushed play on “New York I love you” on Netflix and I am watching it with one eye as I am typing. I also know … Continue reading

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Are You Doing Something Every Day?

I realised I forgot to tell you my Something Every Day yesterday! I got up in the morning and did a leg workout (with some really heavy weights. So heavy that the guys on the leg press was friendly enough … Continue reading

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It’s Not That Hard!

I wrote the post last night about goal setting, because there is so many Gonnas out there. And I am sick of listening to them. They’re gonna do this and they’re gonna do that. But they actually never do it. … Continue reading

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